Review of Uniqlo Women Hoodies

As the name indicates it comes with the over head facilities. You will be given a cover for your head as an attachment from the coat.

It will be thick in texture and this can be best used at the time of cold weather conditions. This hoodie is best suited for all age groups and it protects you from extreme weather conditions. It can be used during the winter seasons.

Product Features

This product has come up with zip facility which extends up to your neck in order to provide you with warm feeling.You will be protected from extreme external temperatures.

This product is highly used at the timw of winter season. This hoodie gives protection to your entire body. It has provided a cover up for your head which closes your ears from cold wind and serves well at a snowy day.

This product is available in unique color shades. It come up with affordable price tags.The product is highly reliable and you will feel happy in making a worthy investments without any regrets in the future.

Product Detail


Body: 83% Polyester, 9% Cupro, 8% Spandex/ Rib: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex




10 colors;

Fabric Feature

The fabric used in the manufacturing of Hoodie is thicker at the external whereas very soft in the internal lining. The external appearance gives you a rough feeling but there is a soft lining given inside the hoodie for a comfortable outfit.

You will feel soft and gentle while wearing it for longer period of time.The fabric is selected in such away it works well for extreme weather conditions and it keeps you warm throughout the day.The fabric is reliable for a long run and it remains the same even after regular washing.

General Reviews

In general this product is highly recommendable for those who are living in extreme weather conditions. It serves well for all age groups and it has come up in various forms for the comforts of the user.

Do not hesitate to visit the store as soon as possible to get the right one according to your requirement before the stock becomes unavailable in the market.

This product makes you feel warm and protects you from cold climatic conditions.Do not forget to wear this wardrobe on a snowy evening and do not leave your home without this right outfit at the time of winter season.

Best Fits Styles



It serves well for any type of bottoms. The advisable bottom would be light shades jeans. This combination gives you the right outfit undoubtedly.

Customer Reviews

Review 1

I bought it in black and it’s very chic – however it is not very warm. Don’t think of this as a winter jacket. I am 5’2″ with 36″ bust and medium fits perfectly. My taller slender friend, with broad shoulders, bought the large.

Review 2

Love this sweatshirt and the soft, warm lining. I’m buying my second one because I was so bummed about leaving mine behind on an airplane!

Review 3

This sweat jacket has a warm furry lining…great for cooler fall outdoor use, or if you keep your home temperatures low during the winter, this will work indoors too.

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