Review of Uniqlo HEATTECH

uniqlo HEATTECH is used to keep your body warm and it protects you from extreme weather conditions.It acts as a second skin and it fits well for all types of physical structures.

This products is wisely used in cold countries. It has a stretchable formula so that you will be able to extend its length according to your fit. It is the best suit to keep you warm.

Product Features


This product acts as a thermal wear giving a warm feeling and helps you to maintain the warmth for longer period of time.This product uses the japan technology to induce the warmth when you wear this suit.

This has come up with two categories. The first one is regular heattech and the other one is extra warmth heattech. This productis introduced for both the genders and also for kids too. It has designed in such a way it fits well for everyone without any compromises.

Moreover it gives you a pleasant feeling and you will be able to enjoy the extreme cold weather by wearing this Heattech suit. It is available for online sale and it taged with affordable price.

Product Detail


38% Polyester, 32% Acrylic, 21% Rayon, 9% Spandex


XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,One Size


7 different colors

Fabric Feature

The fabricused in the manufacturing of Heattech suit is very soft and smooth.It is stretchable and gives you a perfect outfit. It can be washed by machine. It is advisable to use gentle wash for long life.

The fabric makes you to feel warm irrespective of external temperatures. It is designed in such a way it acts as a second skin and at times this can be used as an inner wear for any grand party outwears.

It serves for dual purpose and you can use it according to your needs. The fabric used gives you a comfortable outfit and you will be able to wear it for longer period of time without any discomforts.

General Reviews

Heattech suit is very useful at the time of extreme weather conditions. It serves as a heater and keeps you warm for longer period of time.It is designed with various neck shapes to satisfy your needs.

This suit can also be used as an inner wear at time according to your requirement.This suit acts as the best outfit for casual wear. This product is available online at reasonable rates.

Moreover this serves well for all body structures due to its stretchable nature.The fabric used is best in quality and have a longer life time even after consistent usage.

Best Fits Styles


You can get a best look by using leggings along with this suit.It gives you a best outfit.This can be used as a casual wear.

Customer Reviews

Review 1

They are thin and fitted enough that you can wear them under your favorite sweater, blouse or any tight fitting blouse. They keep me nice and warm especially with cold office air conditioning. Love Heattech! Best product ever.

Review 2

Would recommend to anyone who wants protection against cold weather! I have been using this product for years and it is truly very comfortable, stylish and convenient.

It is an essential part of my wardrobe and the entire family uses them during cold weather season. Don’t leave home without it.

Review 3

Yes this top fits tight but I find it perfect for wearing as a comfortable form fitting non-bulky base layer.

Super warm and highly recommend, fantastic value compared to other stay warm technologies.
Only wish they did more colours.

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