Who is Yassi Pressman’s lover? Lovelife about Yassi Pressman

Who is Yassi Pressman‘s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


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Yassi Pressman is born half british, half Filipino with his dad being the british and mother native of Isabela, Philippines.

Born in Hong Kong, May 11, 1995 is a well known dancer, singer, model and an actress.

She started her carreer young joining supporting roles in television and known as a great dancer in GMA TV network Sunday noontime show SOP before.

She later on signed a contract with VIVA Entertainment wherein she was offered supporting roles in different movies.

Her carreer blossomed this year when she joined the famous reality show: Pinoy Big Brother on ABS-CBN.

Since then she is being seen in Prime time show, Probinsiyano and other shows and guestings in the network.


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Yassi Pressman has no relationship as of this time.

Ex Boyfriend

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Sef Cadayona

Sef Cadayona, who is also an actor is the first boyfriend of Yassi Pressman.

The too developed their feelings when they were team up to do the indie movie “Kaleisdoscope World”.

However, as the shooting of the movie ends so as their relationship.

Reasons of the breakup was rumored that Sef Cadayona has another relationship with his co TV show in a comedy TV series, Andrea Torres.

Yassi Pressman the says she is ok with the two and is out onwhatever realtionship they have.

She also says that Sef Cadayona and her remained as friends till now and still talks to each other.

Ideal Type of Man

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Yassi has no thoughts of an ideal man as of this present time as she is focusing on her carreer.

Views On Marriage

Yassi has no plans of marriage as she is still young, 21 years of age and her priority for now is her acting career.

She is thankful for the break given to her by ABS-CBN and has a lot of shows up to this time.

There were press releases before that she was traumatized from her former relationship with Sef Cadayona as she was dumped and chosen actress Andrea Torres instead of her.



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