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Who is BamBam’s girlfriend? Lovelife about BamBam from Got 7

Bam Bam is a member of a South Korean boy pop group Got 7 from JYP Entertainment, which is formed of seven multinational members, such as South Korean, Chinese, Thailand and US.


Bam Bam is from Thailand and is in charge of the main dancer and the rapper of the group. His role model is G-DRAGON of BIGBANG.


He doesn’t seem that he is dating with someone. If he is asked about what is currently special to him, he would say like this, “My fans”. He always takes care of his fans because he knows the group is supported by their love.

Moreover, he has no time to think about a romantic relationship because the group is expanding business overseas, especially in Japan. In 2017, they are supposed to have Japan Tour called “Japan Showcase Tour 2017”.

He is more and more expected to be active as a part of the group.

When appearing in a variety show, Bam Bam honestly talked about his ex-girlfriend, which surprised many viewers. The MC asked him about his romantic relationship in the past, he easily answered as follows; “When I was a trainee of the agency, I was dating with a Japanese girl from Osaka.

She taught me Japanese a little.” Even though he was dating with the girl before making debut, his sudden announcement greatly shocked his fans. They shouldn’t have wanted to hear that kind of story.

His type of women

When asked about the ideal type of woman, he said he liked a girl who had a pretty smile. He said, “I like a girl who is always smiling. If I say a joke or play a prank on her, I want her to have a smile.”  

It seems that he wants his girlfriend to encourage him with her smile at any time. Anyway, he is still so young, so his comments gives us an impression that he is in love with love.

About marriage

Now he is only 19 years old (as of 2016), it seems that he is too young to think about his marriage. When he talked about his ideal type of woman, he looked like a boy who was just in love with love.

Also, he has never mentioned his idea for marriage so far, he might not have a specific thought about getting married. In the interview, he said that he wanted to go to Maldives with his girlfriend, which might be the destination for his honeymoon.

Ideal dating plans

In the interview by the Japanese magazine, Bem Bem talked about his ideal situation of dating. He said, “I want to go to see a movie with my girlfriend. The movie that I definitely want to see is a horror movie.

Actually, I don’t like that kind of movie, but at the horrible scenes, she might hug me around my chest, right?” He also mentioned the country he wanted to go with his girlfriend in the future.

“I’d like to Maldives with her. It must be so romantic!”

Fans’ opinions

Bem Bem is said to be the member who mostly takes care of the fans of Got 7. He is often called “King of Fan Service” by them. He is proactive in his communication with a lot of fans through SNS sites, which causes them to keep supporting him.

Many of his fans want him to focus on communicating with them instead of seeing with a girlfriend. Now, it doesn’t seem that he has a serious relationship with someone, so they will enjoy monopolize his affection for a while.



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Jealousy Incarnate (2016)


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IdentifyFlight (2014)
Log: Turbulence (2016)

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Flight Log: Departure (2016)
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“Girls, Girls, Girls” (2014)
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“Just Right” (2015)
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