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Who is Mingyu’s girlfriend? Love life about Mingyu from Seventeen

Who is Mingyu’s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and love life.


Mingyu (born April 6, 1997) is a South Korean singer.
He is the member of Seventeen, a South Korean group which debuted in 2015.
Despite being relatively new in the show biz, the group has been successful in music charts and won many awards.

Mingyu is the most famous member of Seventeen.
He acts as the face and the lead rapper of Seventeen.

Mingyu is currently on a break from his singing career due to his back muscle injury he got from practice.

For a celebrity, one’s love life is always an interesting topic to talk about.
Being young, handsome and popular must have extra perks in his life, romance-wise.

We think that it will be easy to him to date any girl he likes.

Is he dating anyone right now? Or did he have any girlfriends before?
Let’s find out.


Apparently, Mingyu is single now.
He is very young and possibly wants to put his career first as of now.

There are no informations about Mingyu past lovers.
Netizens suspected that he never had a girlfriend before.

Even so, his stunning physic surely attracts many women including Korean women idols.
Take Sohye “I.O.I” for example.

In a tv show, Sohye shyly showed her interest towards Mingyu.

Mingyu has not always been rumored to have a special relationship with girl.
There were some rumors about him with men.

Netizens suspect him and Jungkook “BTS” are more than just friends.

The way they interact and look at each other indicate something special.
Netizens are also curious about his interaction with Wonwoo, his group mate.

His type of women

When asked about his ideal type of woman, his answer was that he liked a kind-hearted and easy going woman.

She must be tall too since Mingyu is really tall too.
Mingyu is also interested in dating a noona or in Korean means older woman.

Being a dog guy, Mingyu woud probably prefer a woman who likes dogs too.
He idolizes a Korean idol, Nana from Afterschool.

About marriage

Mingyu has yet to share his opinion about marriage.
He is too young to be interested in talking about the topic.

Ideal dating plans

Mingyu looks for someone who can take care of him
That’s the reason he is interested in dating older woman.

His ideal dating activity is cooking and eating out because his appetite is big.


Mingy has not appeared in any movies.
However, he aspired to be an actor in the future.

In order to achieve the dream, he is willin to work hard and currently taking up acting classes.

Mingyu and Shinee members have appeared in some tv shows that required a bit acting skill.
This will be a good practice for him before taking up bigger roles.


Album With Seventeen:
– 17 Carat (2015)
– Boys Be (2015)
– Love & Letter (2016)