Why Did  Hwayoung, Areum, Jiae, iwon and Dani Leave T-ara? : Behind Story of Them.

T-ara is a South Korean girl pop group from MBK Entertainment. They made their debut
in July 2009 with their debut Lies (2009). The group name “T-ara” means that they would become a queen of pop with tiara on their head.

Their biggest hit song was Bo peep Bo peep (2009). The group, however, has a dishonorable reputation that some members were once kicked out of the group by being bullied by other members.


Hwayoung became a member of T-ara in July 2010. Soon after joining the group, she was forced to have severe experience as a new member; being bullied by other members of the group started.

Some members openly ignored her even when their appearing in TV variety shows. Others stealthily injured her by pushing her body or slapping her face.

Also, when she broke one of her legs during performing on stage, they posted insulting words toward her carelessness on their SNS sites without caring about her injury.

Finally, she left the group in July 2012 and moved to another entertainment agency. Now she is active as an actress in the show business.


Areum joined T-ara in July 2012 as a new main vocalist of the group. With her cute appearance and great singing ability, she soon gain great popularity among their fans.

About one year later, however, she got a little bit strange. She started tweeting negative comments on her own SNS site, such as “I have nothing to lose. I’m not scare of death.” and “I can’t do anything I really want to do.”

These comments caused many her fans to think that she had some mental problems because of being bullied by other members of the group.

It ends up that, she announced her withdraw of the group through You Tube Channel in July 2013. Now she has been engaged in solo activities as a singer in the South Korean show business.


In 2009, Jiae made her debut as one of the original members of T-ara. After three-year-training as a trainee of MBK Entertainment, she finally started her career in the show business.

Two months later, however, MBK Entertainment suddenly announced that Jiae would leave the group because she didn’t fit the image of the group. Many of her fans were furious about the announcement and strongly protested it, but which changed anything at all.

In 2012, Jiae came back to the show business as a member of a Kpop girl duo JEVICE in the name of “Hana”.


Jiwon became a member of Five Girls from Good Entertainment in 2006. The following year, however, the group was forced to break up before making debut due to the agency’s financial problems.

After that, she moved to Mnet Entertainment and appeared in several TV dramas and films as a trainee of the agency. In April 2009, she was selected to be a member of T-ARA.

When it came to the debut showcase of the group in July in 2009, she was not there. She was forced to leave the group because she didn’t fit the image of the group.

After having severe experiences of withdrawing from the group twice, she finally got a chance to start her career in the show business. In January 2010, she made debut as a member of SPICA from B2M Entertainment as the main dance of the group.


Dani joined T-ara as the ninth member in December 2012. She was born in South Korea and moved to the United States with her family at the age of four. When she visited South Korea, she was scouted by the president of Dear Entertainment.

According to the president, he was impressed by her charismatic beauty on the first sight and he unintentionally talked to her. For him, doing such a thing was for the first time in 30 years.

With her cute appearance like a little girl, she soon was paid great attention from many fans of the group. After being active as a part of the group for about one year, she suddenly stopped the activities of T-ara.

The agency announced that she would engage in the activities of the other girl group, 5Doll for the time being.


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