Who is Seulgi’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Seulgi from Red Velvet

Who is Seulgi’s boyfriend?
I’ll introduce her lover and love life.


Seulgi is well known to be the lead vocalist and main dancer of Red Velvet.
Before she made her debut with the group, her agency released some clips of her.

She trained for a very long time, 7 years to be exact before officially being casted as part of Red Velvet.
Singing is really her passion and she would often go to the karaoke alone to sing her heart out.

Her ultimate idol is Beyonce.
There was a recent update about Seulgi last October 10.

She was involved in a car accident, together with band mate, Yeri.
The two were about to return to their dorm, when the taxi they are into clashed with a sweeper truck.

Fortunately, there were only minor injuries and they are now resting on their dorm.


She is one of the two members of Red Velvet who never dated anyone.
In an interview, she was teased about her single status and she confessed that now she regrets not dating someone before.

But even if she haven’t dated anyone in the past, she admits that she falls hard for drama characters, like that of Jo Jung Suk from ‘Oh My Ghost’.
And with her undeniable charms, a member from Super Junior, in the name of Kyuhyun, revealed that Seulgi was her ideal girl.

Kyuhyun even sent a video message to Seulgi, telling her to do good on her career and wishing her to be successful.
Many fans appreciated the gestures, but it seems that Seulgi is not into him.

She relayed that Kyuhun is a nice guy, thus she respects him.
It was her way of telling fans and Kyuhun that they can be good friends.

Apparently, Kyuhun was friend zoned.
Though fans are still hoping the two could give it a shot since they may be a nice couple.

Seulgi has never been in a relationship with someone before.
She was focusing on building her career for the past years and she didn’t have the luxury of time to date anybody.

Though she admitted that she regrets not dating someone before.
Still, there are a lot of boys that would fall for her, so there’s no need to get worried.

Her type of men

She was the ideal type of Super Junior’s Kyuhun because of her features and personality.
But Seulgi is looking for someone and unluckily, it’s not Kyuhun.

She appreciated the admiration given and said that he is really a nice guy and he respects him.
However, she revealed that she is not a fan of guys with double-lidded eyes.

She prefers someone who is comfortable to talk with and laughs a lot.
And even if he is laughing, he still looks adorable.

So all in all, Seulgi wants a charming and cute man like that of Kang Dong-Won, Jisung and Jo Jung Suk.

About marriage

Seulgi has never been vocal about marriage.

She even haven’t dated anyone before, thus it seems a very difficult thing for her to picture out.
As long as she’s cool with her career, love can wait.

And she is still young to talk about that serious matter.

Ideal dating plan

It appears that Seulgi is into eating.
When she made an appearance in the hit show ‘Wednesday Food Talk’, she confessed that she would eat in secret.

Even if she eats in secret, it doesn’t justify her because she is still very sexy.

Her ideal dating situation could be on a food trip because she also explained that her ideal man is Jo Jung Suk.
The latter appeared in a drama, where he starred as a chef.

Seulgi declared that he really looked cool while cooking.

Fans’ opinions

Fans were shocked when she disclosed that she is single since birth.
She got the looks, the talents and the personality- literally a complete package.

But maybe she is waiting for the right guy and she doesn’t wants to get hurt by being with a guy that she’s not sure to be with.


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