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Who is Park Jin Young’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Park Jin Young from Got7

Who is Park Jin Young’s girlfriend?
I’ll introduce his lover and love life.


Park Jin Young is apparently one of the most popular members of Got7.
Not just with his looks and talents, but also his name.

He has the same name with the chief executive of JYP entertainment, Park Jin Young.
Thus, he changed his ‘Junior.’ to ‘Jr.’.

Long before he became part of Got7, Jin Young was already a person with great dreams.
He is the only boy in the family, with two other girl siblings.

Since being an idol was part of his dreams, he auditioned in some boy bands.
Eventually, he became a member of Got7.

Being an idol, he trained for almost 3 years before having a debut.
Currently, he is the lead vocalist, lead dancer and rapper of the group.

He is a undeniably a total performer.
And not only that, he already ventured being an actor, which makes him the ultimate idol.


Though Jin Young is almost blessed with everything- the looks and the talent, he is not in a relationship with someone right now.
He keeps his focus with his career with Got7 and solo stints.

And right now, he is really on the peak of his career.
His group is popularly acclaimed by fans, especially their charming songs, where he has helped in composing.

He also choreographed some of the band’s performances.
And aside from performing with the group, he is also a great actor who have portrayed in some dramas and films like the top-rated ‘When a Man Falls in Love.’

And after the successful release of their new album, he is starring in a new Korean drama entitled ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’.
With that on hand, he still has no time for a love life.

Jin Young was never linked to someone before.
He is more of a reserve guy and even up to now, he is still focusing more on his musical and acting career than his love life.

Most of the Got7 members are single as they are busy with their group’s success, especially that they have just released a new album: Flight Log: Turbulence.
The latest release of their songs were widely acclaimed because of its catchy tone and appealing music videos.

His type of women

Even if Jin Young is not in a relationship with someone lately, he still falls for a girl who has a lot of charms, like when she flashes her teeth when she smiles.

Girls that are cheerful really entices him since he is more of a parental type of person.
He needs someone that is slightly opposite with his serious demeanor.

And he also added that a girl must be a traditional kind of a woman, but still elegant and sexy.
But more importantly, he wants a girl who believes in him and is passionate about what she do.

About marriage

Talking about marriage, Jin Young hasn’t been that open when it comes to that serious stage of a relationship.
As of now, he is more serious with his career and marrying someone is not his priority.

Though he has not talked about marriage, he admits he wants someone who is cheerful and also a motherly person.

Ideal dating plan

The ideal dating situation of Jin Young is just a simple outdoor date.
He wants to have a quality time with his special someone on a river, where the two of them could play like kids.

And then they can cook and eat some barbeques, while enjoying the captivating view of the place and their company.
For him, this kind of date is the perfect way to bond with his special someone.

Fans’ opinions

Despite of the fact that Jin Young is single, many fans still love him.
Some of his diehard fans even do not want him to have a girlfriend so that he could focus on his career.

But they are also open to possibilities that their idol may soon have a special someone.
Yet as of now, these supporters are very happy that he is not romantically link to anyone.


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