Who is Gabby Concepcion’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Gabby Concepcion

Who is Gabby Concepcion’s girlfriend?

I’ll introduce his lover and love life.


One of the sought-after leading men in the acting industry, Gabriel Arellano is popularly known as Gabby Concepcion.

He was born on born November 5, 1963 in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines to Rolando “Rollie” Concepcion and Lourdes Arellano.

He is one of the alumni of Ateneo de Manila and Centro Escolar University.

Gabby’s first ever appearance on television was during the commercial of a famous toothpaste brand in the country, Close-up, which made him popular and dubbed as ‘Close-up boy’ in 1980.

About marriage

Gabby Concepcion

Gabby Concepcion is happily married to his long-time girlfriend Genevieve Yatco Gonzales.

They exchanged vows in California and are proud of having two chidlren.

One of the rumors spreading out about Gabby’s wife is that Genevieve gets jealous of her onscreen partners, but Gabby denied the allegations.

He claimed that his wife got used to him being paired with several women in the show business.

He added that they met when Gabby was already in the industry and she even knew all his past girlfriends.

In fact, Gabby stated that he prayed that his wife would get jealous as he needs it some time.

Singer, actress, and TV host.

Sharon Gamboa Cuneta

Gabby Concepcion was able to make way into the heart of this beautiful Filipina actress named Sharon Gamboa Cuneta.

They got married on September 23, 1984 at Manila cathedral, Philippines and was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Kristina Cassandra Concepción, who happens to be a very good actress like both of her parents.

During their wedding, President Ferdinand Marcos was present and had served as the principal sponsor; but, just like any other marriage stories, their relationship as husband and wife did not end happily ever after.

Sharon admitted that it was their different views on marriage and family that made them chose to be separated.

It was merely their differences that made them disagree on almost everything.

Luckily, she found someone who can live with their disagreements.

After her annulment with Gabby, she married a lawyer and politician, and also one of the senators of the Philippines, Kiko Pangilinan.

Gabby Concepcion had put all his strength in courting a Swedish model, a fashion designer, an actress, and the great niece of the 6th Philippine President, Elpedio Quirino; but, no matter how tough the world may be, they had the chance to be in each other’s arms and got married in June 1993.

Jenny embraced the life of being a stepmother to a young beautiful actress KC Concepcion who is the daugther of Gabby’s ex-wife, Sharon Cuneta.

Jenny and Gabby had their frist daughter Chloe.

After they realized that they could no longer save their marriage, they decided to separate and be annulled in 1996.

After a year, Jenny found happines from Filip Skarne who legally adopted Chloe, and got themselves wed.

Ideal dates

Gabby shared his dating tips to all the boys who wanted to become romantic.

‘Just take a bath, that’s important’, he stated during one of his interviews.

He then added to brush one’s teeth, sleep early so one should not look stressed, wear a good dress to look attractive or simple, as long as it should look fine.

Most importantly, one should be nice to everyone, smile and always be happy and accommodating.’

To him, the best thing in having a date is to do the things that you want other people do to you.


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