Who is Coney Reyes’s boyfriend? Love life about Coney Reyes

Who is Coney Reyes’ husband?

I’ll introduce her lover and love life.


Constancia Angeline Reyes is better known by her screen name Coney Reyes-Nubla is a honor winning Philippine film and TV on-screen character, TV host and maker with Chinese and Spanish plunge.

She was conceived May 27, 1953.

Following a 25-year diversion vocation for the most part with ABS-CBN, she moved back to GMA Network in May 2014 upon the welcome of Redgie Acuña Magno, official VP for dramatization.

Her arrival to GMA made planning in commending 40 years of her the stage vocation.

She was hitched to Lawrence Mumar on 1984.

They have 2 child, named; Carla Mumar and LA Mumar.

She likewise has a child with Vic Sotto, named Vico Sotto.

Coney Reyes made her motion picture a big appearance in Return of the Dragon in 1975.

She is Christian.

She is a dynamic part and a discipleship assemble pioneer of Victory Christian Fellowship.

She has been in numerous motion pictures and arrangement and won different honors in the entertainment biz.


Even though Coney Reyes is married to Lawrence Mumar who was a former basketball player in the Philippines, they are not living together anymore.

Due to miss-understanding and because they cannot conceal the relationship, both of them decided to live away from each other.

Lawrence Mumar was ever a supportive father to both children which Coney Reyes totally approves.
They are good friends and are very generous to each other’s decision to their children.

Coney Reyes and Lawrence Mumar met each other first before Vic Sotto came to Coney Reyes’s life.
They properly processed their annulment papers and were successful about it.

When Coney Reyes met Vic Sotto, the father of Vico Sotto, they lived together as lovers but never got married.

Right now Coney Reyes says, she is already old enough for love life, she is more looking forward for her relationships with her son and daughters and her show business life because she said this is really want she wanted – in the show business world.

Lawrence Mumar was Coney Reyes’s ex-husband but was not really famous in the show business world.

Vic Sotto was a star and their relationship was not a secret.
They were an open book to all Filipinos’. Fans followed all their movies and shows.

All the news is headliners during the time Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto was together.
Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto’s relationship lasted a few years and they broke up due to gossips that Vic Sotto had a new girl.

A lot of girl’s was linked to Vic Sotto but none was really named.
All the movies that Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto stared were a huge click to the movie industry in the Philippines.

When they broke up, fans still hope they would be back together.
But now Vic Sotto is already married to a girl not even half his age.
Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto are now on the same network, there would be a possibility of them bumping into each other.

It has been more than two decades since they have parted ways.
With this Coney Reyes said “He is my friend until now, and we see each other, yes. We have a son.”


Coney Reyes is not interested in having a boyfriend or a new husband.
She is more focused on her grandchildren now.

Thoughts of marriage

She has a strong belief with marriage, however her first marriage was a disaster and they end up annulled due to a lot of misunderstanding, she said.

She also said, at her age, she is no longer looking for someone to marry.
She is more looking forward to her grandchildren’s.

Fans’ opinions

Her fans are very sad after the news that Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto broke up.

Most of the fans said that the two of them are a perfect couple and they can’t believe Coney Reyes and Vic Sotto just broke up.

After all the sad part, both of their fans now are happy of who they are now.


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Biyudo si Daddy, Biyuda si Mommy (1997) as Constancia

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