Why Did KARA Disband? Their Behind Story

KARA was a k-pop girl band formed by DSP Media agency. The group consisted of five members: Park Gyuri, Han seung-yeon, Go Hara, Jung Nicole, and debuted on March 2007. In 2014, Heo Youngji was added to replace Jung Nicole who left the group to study abroad.

KARA was a long-running girl band, and was considered one of the most successful k-pop girl groups. Their songs “Honey” (2009) and “Mister” (2009) was a big hit not only in Korea, but in neighboring Asian countries as well.

The group become a sensation through their “butt dance”, a choreography that appeared in plenty of their live performances and music videos.

After a nine year span of activity, KARA had to be disbanded on January 2016 because three members from KARA did not renew their contract and chose other agencies.

History Of Disbandment

Jung Nicole and Kang Jiyoung were the first to leave KARA in 2014. Nicole focused on her solo career, while Jiyoung became an actress.

The following year, Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara did not renew their contracts with DSP Media and decided to find other agencies.

“We want to cheer them on and wish them the best”, claimed DSP Media to the Korea Times.

Rumored Contract Controversy

On January 2011, KARA and their management had a bad relationship regarding profit and contract matters.

The lawyer for the members announced that they want to terminate their contract with DSP Media. The lawyer stated to media, “the company repeatedly denied any request and unilaterally forced tasks upon the members”, and prepared for legal action.

This matter resolved on April 2011, and the members of KARA who want to persue their agency rejoined and sign new contracted again.

After Disbandment and Come Back Issues

Three of the members of KARA who left the agency is Park Gyuri, Go Hara, and Han-Seungyeon. They had been finding new agencies after they left DSP Media. There is no information as to which management they are going to sign to.

But Young-ji still continuing and re-signing with DSP Media to do a solo career. Her management is planning to help her succeed, to build her own name, and develop for the future.

But on April 13, Park Gyuri, the former leader of KARA, said that the group is not disbanded and the remaining members still hoped to come back together and release an album in the future.

Gyuri stated to media, “While KARA has not disbanded, we are no longer under the same agency and our promotions are likely to be less frequent, I guess that would best decribe our situation of being apart.”

She continues, “People might get the impression that we’ve disbanded, but we are still keeping in touch, and if there’s a good opportunity, we’re thinking of releasing a KARA album. I honestly don’t think that we’ve disbanded.”

The Future of KARA Members

All five members are continuing their activities in show business. However, their focuses are slightly different.

Young-ji is more focused on appearing on variety shows rather than singing, Ji-young is now continuing her music activities in Japan, Goo Hara has hosted “Power Of K 2016”, Nicole is trying to branch her solo activity in Japan, Seung-yeon has appeared in the drama “Age of Youth” (2016), and Gyuri has appeared in two movies, one drama and released one single.


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