13 Japanese Instagram Accounts Show How Stunning Japan Is

Want to know the latest Japan information before coming to here? Instagram is one of the best tools to do so! Here is 13 accounts that post both breath taking scenery and local lifestyle pictures.

1. @japanloverme

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Japanloverme is an amazing instagram account that shows traditional and cultural heritage, people of Japan and famous outing places with weather variations.

Followers contribute to the page, so that they feature various parts of the country.

The also haven an online shop which sells various Japanese items.

About: Traditional, kawaii and otaku Japan.

2. @rainbowholic

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Rainbowholic is also a very interesting instagram account that shows finearts, Flowers, home life and much more. It is actually promoting Kawaii life style.

The owner, Kaila Ocampo, is also an online content creator who posts blogs and videos about her life in Japan.

About: The lovely Kaila is a motivational blogger and is promoting a kawaii lifestyle.

3. @10_ya

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10_ya is a very famous instagram account showcases the breathtaking pictures of Tomoyasu Koyanagi, a photographer based in Tokyo. He shares images of Landscapes and beautiful places.

Check his page out if you like aesthetic photos on your feed.

About: Tomoyasu Koyanagi is from Japan and shares photos of people, landscapes and more.

4. @_tuck4

Everyday life in Tokyo #RECO_ig

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_tuck4 is another amazingly beautiful Instagram account managed by a freelancer artist Takashi Yasui based in Osaka, Japan.

He shows the beauty of his city and surroundings. He is the page to go to for the different side of Japan.

About: Takashi Yasui is a freelance photographer based in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo-

5. @nao1223

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nao1223 is a famous Instagram account, which posts images of home decoration, flowers, different kinds of special foods, and more. The images here are very nicely combined.

About: Naomi O Kobe from Japan shares food, flowers and beautiful photos.

6. @hirozzzz

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Hirozzzz instagram account managed by another freelancer named Hiroaki Fukuda. He is Photographer by profession. Here you will find beauty of Tokyo and surroundings, He captured a lot of images of different scenes and atmospheres.

About: Hiroaki Fukuda, a photographer with photos from Tokyo and everywhere.

7. @kohji405mi16

kohji405mi16 is managed by Kohji M who capture a lot of beautiful images of nature and mostly children and family life.

(Apr. 8, 2016) “SEE YOU NEXT YEAR, CUTIE CHERRY PETALS!” / 「かわいい花びらちゃん、また来年ね!」

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About: Kohji M lives in Tokyo city, and he takes photos about children and family life.

8. @tokyofashion

Tokyofashion is very famous instagram account updates with daily images of latest Japanies fashion industy. It also features the people on street by their looks and fashion.

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About: Daily pictures from Harajuku, Shibuya and other areas of Tokyo, feature people on the street.

9. @ japanawaits

Japanawaits is an instagram that include Japan Travel & Events Book geisha, kimono rental& photoshoot , executive travel, private & VIP events. This is very famous account have many followers around the world.

About: Curator of fashion from Harajuku, Shibuya & other areas of Tokyo.

12. @voguejapan

Voguejapan is very famous Japanese instagram account that holds the images regarding latest fashion, celebrities and beautiful Japanese life style.

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About: Very famous Instagram about Japan Fashion, Celebrities, Beauty and Lifestyle.

13. @japan_night_view

japan_night_view shows that real Japanese beauty of landscapes, buildings and towers. It specially shows the night views of them that really look heavenly.

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About: Very Beautiful night views of Japan famous and amazing landscapes, buildings and towers.