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Who is Gay in Got7 and Why People Think So?

GOT7 is a popular boys band from South Korea with seven members. They made their debut in 2014 under JYP Entertainment. Some of them are suspected as a gay, because of their too much body contact. Let’s check if this is true now!


Im is just the normal guy who takes it easy on everything. With masculine features, he has no giveaways to suggest he is a gay. His presence, gestures and all other features on him lean towards being straight.

However, he is currently not dating anyone.


Mark has no rumors of being a gay or bisexual. He is even scared of dating now because of financial implications which comes with it. His sexuality has never been an issue and he is currently doing fine as an idol.


Jackson has no sexuality prompters, neither does he look feminine. He has also never been accused of being a gay or bisexual. He is at the moment not going out with any lady too.


Jinyoung is safe from any claims of him being a gay or bisexual. Even though he is not currently dating, he has never been accused of hooking unto other guys. Judging from his physical features, he can be said as straight and not gay.


Youngjae has a calm look, attractive but has no attraction towards men. Appearance can be said as deceptive but he looks all masculine. Claims of him being a gay or bisexual has also never cropped up in his entire career.

He can therefore not be said as gay.


Bambam is the only member in Got7 people strongly believes to be gay. He looks very shy and sensitive, which is a feminine attribute. His gestures and several physical posturing make it obvious that he prefer the back of other guys.

Though there are no concrete proofs, action speaks louder than words.

Do you also believe Bambam is gay?


Yugyeon is just a young guy and doesn’t even think of going out now. For whether he is a gay or bisexual, that can also not be said since he has no feminine features. His gesture doesn’t also suggest him having attractions towards same sex. He can be said as straight for now.


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