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Who is gay in WINNER and Why do people think so?

Gays are despised especially in conservative countries.
Many sees it as an immoral act and don’t want to be associated such persons.
This makes gays and lesbian isolated in the society.
Some even go to the extent of committing suicide because they are not able to fit in the society.
In Korea, several celebrities are regarded as gay because of how they appear physically and their relationship of same sex.
Though some are bold to confirm being gay, lesbian or bisexual, others keep it in the dark to prevent being victimized.
Let’s go into some of the idol groups in South Korea and see which members are gay or bisexual.


Seungyoon has not been rumored of being a gay or bisexual.
With appearance he looks masculine and also has a good rapport with women since he has a sister.
Though is it not known whether he is dating, he can be said as straight.


Minho has been suspected of dating Zico and P.O from block B.
Though some term it as a working relationship, others think there might be something else going on.
Minho was even seen with P.O wearing the same t-shirt which got some fans talking.
So is Minho really dating Zico or P.O?


Seung-hoon cannot be seen as gay or bisexual.
He looks masculine and does not have much attraction towards same sex.
Though it is not known whether he is dating, he has attraction for women.


Taehyun has always had to defend himself during his trainee days because he is rumored to be gay.
This is because he looks very feminine and some gestures of his suggested he was into same sex.
He was also seen as been attracted to men instead of women.
However, Taehyun refuted such rumors saying he was not gay during an appearance on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook with other Winner members.


When we use the appearance as a basis, Jinwoo looks masculine and cannot be seen as gay.
So let’s get into attraction to same sex. When that criterion is also used, he cannot be said as gay or bisexual because he often gets close to women.
So for now he cannot be said as gay or bisexual.