Why did Kwon Kwang-jin have to leave CNBLUE?

CNBLUE is a South Korean four member rock band that infuses pop in their musical influence often.

They debuted with their original four in 2009, and they toured Japan in the beginning.


The group changed their bassist, Kwon Kwang Jin who left after just a year in the band; the new arrival was Lee Jung-shin who joined the group in September 2009 and has been a part of the band ever since.

CNBLUE have been quite famous since they started performing and the member change hasn’t influenced their popularity at all.

They are one of the most popular rock/pop group which hails from South Korea, and the members are known for being very likable and charismatic.

Some of the most famous hits by CNBLUE are “Intuition” and “Hey you”, which peaked at number one in Korea, and some number twos, like “I’m Sorry”, “Love”, “I’m a Loner” and “Robot”.

Kwon Kwang-jin

In a few television appearances, Kwon Kwang-jin was a guest alongside his current group N.Flying.

He joined CNBLUE as one of the initial members, and he was the bass player of the band.

When the group debuted, he didn’t last for long and got replaced by a different trainee, Lee Jung-shin.

When Kwon was asked about his departure from CNBLUE, he said that there were too many musical differences involved, whether it was the style of the songs or the genre.

He also said that he had been a trainee the longest out of all the CNBLUE members, and that he could barely debut if it weren’t for the younger trainees who had less experience than him (such as the leader of CNBLUE Yonghwa).

Kwon Kwang-jin left during the first year of CNBLUE’s debut and tour, in September of 2009.

He joined the band N.Flying, who promoted their work in Japanese clubs at the beginning of their career in 2013; they officially debuted in the Korean market in 2015.


Kwon seems very happy there and more at ease.

During his time as a member of CNBLUE, Kwon Kwang-jin had long hair, which caused people to make fun of him; it may be possible that he was hurt by that, too and decided to back away from the group until he could find a better spot.