Who is Jung Yu Mi’s boyfriend? Lovelife about Jung Yung Mi

Who is Jung Yu Mi’s boyfriend now?

I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Jung Yu Mi has a beauty like no other.
She has an inexplicable charm that a lot of men can’t deny and help but swoon over her.

She has that aura that is happy and bubbly which is also another factor why she is one of the most in-demand actresses in South Korea.

Jung Yu Mi started her career as an artist way back in 2005 when she debuted her first career as an actress in the film Blossom Again.

That movie was very memorable to her that is because it made her open a lot of opportunities and it made her won as a Best Actress in 25TH Korean Association of Film Critics Award as well won another best actress award in 4th Korean Film Awards in the same year.

After that, she has a lot of movie offers which also made her won and nominated for other award-giving bodies.


As of the moment, Jung Yu Mi is not into a relationship since she has a lot of projects working at hand.

Though this lovable Korean Actress is rumoredly dating Yoo Ah In because the two as they claimed to be “best friends” gives off that romantic vibe because of their Instagram photos and quotes made by Yoo Ah In.

But they seem very close to each other because they have worked together on a few movie projects by then and it was said in an interview that Jung Yu Mi was the ideal girl type of Yoo Ah In and the feelings were never changed.

That is why netizens and fans all over the world can help but notice the growing relationship of the two which made them wish that it would be better if they were a couple for real.

Jung Yu Mi according to research is not open with his previous relationship.
There was no interview that she said she have past relationships before with a co-star.

But despite her privacy when it comes to her love life, a lot of Korean Actors are very fond of her beauty which they can’t help but swoon over her.

Gong Yoo

One of these actors is Gong Yoo which is also her co-star in the recent and phenomenal movie Train to Busan.

Gong Yoo said in one of his press conferences that Jung Yu Mi is such a lovable actress that is why he can’t help but always mention that he likes the actress.

Another actor also linked to Jung Yu Mi who happens to be Eric, who she also works with during one of her dramas Que Sera Sera.

Also, another actor is also verbal about how much he likes Jung Yu Mi which is also one of her considered best friend who happens to be Yoo Ah In.

At last but definitely not the least is the actor Kang Ha Neul which happens to be her fan during her debut movies.

She was his ideal girl because of her being lovely and gives off that very comfortable vibe which he really likes.

Her type of men

Jung Yu Mi’s ideal man would be someone who is caring and supportive in her career.

Since Jung Yu Mi is quite popular and one of the in-demand actress as of the moment, she said that having a supportive boyfriend or husband will matter because she really loves her job as an actress and she puts a lot of effort and passion into it that is why if ever she would be in a relationship someday she wants someone that will support her in her career goals.

About marriage

Jung Yu Mi is now 32 years of age but she is not near to settling down or getting married anytime soon.
Currently, this Korean Actress is not in a relationship so getting married is something that she thinks will be given the least priority.

But of course, she said that when the time comes and if she already found the right person then she thinks of getting married at the right time. She said she wanted to have a family of her own.

Ideal dates

Jung Yu Mi’s ideal situation of dating is not of a difference from others.

Of course, she wanted to spend a time with that special person. She likes to make memories and places are not something she is particular of.
As long as they are having a good and fun time then she thinks that matters the most.

Of course, also she wants to feel very special but not over the top kind where a guy should always make some surprises because Jung Yu Mi thinks that it is just too much.

Fans’ opinions

The fans of Jung Yu Mi thinks that they would look together with her so called the best friend who happens to be Yoo Ah In. but of course, they don’t want to pressure Jung Yu Mi because of that.

They wanted to make Jung Yu Mi happy by just being so supported of her when it comes to her love life. So whoever she is dating with as of the moment, they are would be happy for her.

They hope that her soul mate or the man who she is destined with will finally arrive anytime soon.


Jung Yu Mi has starred a lot of Korean Love dramas that made her very popular among fans all around the world.

Here is a list of Korean Dramas where she starred. In the year 2007, she made a Korean Love drama titled Que Sera Sera.

Another drama was I need Romance 2012 and was followed with Dating Agency: Cyrano which was aired in the year 2013 and in the year 2014 she also starred a drama which is entitled Discovery of Love.