Who is Gay in Infinite and Why People Think So?

Infinite is a South Korean boyband which debuted in 2010. The band consists of seven members: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong. They are popular for their synchronized dance.

Having been in the show biz for six years, Infinite has grown fanbase all around the world. Like all fans, they want to know every little detail about their idols life. Including about Infinite members’ sexual orientation.

Some members are known to have straight relationship, while other sexuality are still questioned by their fans.


Sunggyu is quite open about his desire and romance life. He shared his first love and first kiss story to his junior high school class mate.

He also shared about his sexual fantasy, which include a woman in a stewardess uniform. Sunggyu is also considered a conservative Christian. The latter fact adds up to the conclusion that Sunggyu is straight.


Dongwoo is currently single. He said he is not interested in developing any romantic relationship now because he wants to focus on his career.

Dongwoo has many male fans. These hopeful fans think he is gay, based on his conducts and statements through out his career. However, there are no valid proof to support the assumption.


Woohyun is probably the most talented and ambitious member of Infinite. He is an actor, singer and songwriter. Like most Korean boyband members, Woohyun is not so open about his romance.

In a radio interview, one listener who happened to Woohyun’s old friend called during the show and revealed that one day Woohyun came up to him with tears in his eyes. Woohyun told him that he just broke up with his lover.

Woohyun straightly confirmed the story. But it was not revealed whether his lover was a boy or a girl.
Apparently, Woohyun is quite a hit among Korean gay community. Netizens also claimed to see him in Korean gay district.


In 2015, Hoya made his debut acting gig in a drama called Reply 1997. His character was high school student who struggled with his sexuality and developed a special feeling towards his best friend. His acting was so natural that people believed he was indeed gay.

Hoya expressed his frustration of being frequently asked about his sexuality, even after the drama was long endend. The curious thing was, Hoya did not confirmed whether he was gay or not. Some netizens believe Hoya is gay but some think he is not gay, only pro gay.


His first love happened when he was still in junior high school. It was with a girl five years his senior.

His favorite Korean actress is So Ae and his favorite Korean girl group is SNSD. He loves all SNSD members but if he has to choose, he picks Taeyeon as his favorite one. Based on these facts, it is safe to assume that Sungyeol is not gay.


Kim Myungsoo or popularly known by his stage name, L, has an over-the-top cute face. That and his calm nature may give a gay vibe to some extent.

Like Woohyun, L is also popular among Korean gay community. However, L was once rumored to have a special relationship with a girl named Kim Do Yeon. The girl was reportedly confirmed their relationship, yet no words were heard from L’s side.


In 2015, netizens started a rumor mill about which Korean boyband members were gay or transgender. Sungjong Infinite was one of the alleged gay members. The reason to this gossip was mostly due to his lack of manliness.

Sunjong was reportedly devastated to hear the rumor. Nevertheless, he or the agency did not released an official statement about this matter.