Who is Gay in Ikon and Why People Think So?

IKON is a Korean group formed in 2015. The group consists of seven members: B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk and Chanwoo.

Being relatively new in the show biz, IKON has set their own place in the heart of Korean pop fans. Being celebrities, the fans look up to every single part of their life.

Like other groups, they must spend 24/7 together to create a sense of unity. The constant togetherness creates bromance. They are so close that they admittedly shower together once in a while in the name of saving time.

The members of IKON also show a lot of skinship. Skinship is a Korean term for physical activities such as caressing, hugging and kissing. Netizenz begin to wonder whether the bromance shifts to romance?

Here are their speculations:


B.I is also known as Hanbin. In 2015, B.I confessed that he had never been dating before and he did not explain the reason. He also shared that he already had dream girl.

He likes a girl who wears oversized cardigan and skinny jeans. However, based on other interview with a magazine B.I said that he had a lot of skinship with other members of IKON, especially Jinhwan.

B.I even confessed that his fingers had touched the most private area of his band mates. The latter statement gives a stong indication that B.I is gay.


Bobby is the only member of IKON who admitted he had dated a girl before. In 2015, he blatantly confessed that he had been single for four years and he had dated only twice. Bobby looks for a girl with strong personality.


As the main vocal of IKON, Jinhwan is under heavy pressure to lead and to maintain the band’s image. There was once a rumor of him and AOA’s Park Jimin dating. Jinhwan once shared that he prefers beautiful ellegant girls to cute ones and he loves to see them in mini skirt.

However, some netizens have a strong feeling that Jinhwan is gay and they suspect that B.I and Jinhwan may have a special relationship.


Many citizens suspect that Yunhyeong is a type of person who’s into homosexual relationship. Netizens notice his interactions with the other boys.

Skinship is a normal thing to do by Korean idols. However, they sense that the way Yunhyeong does it is so convincing, like a man to his lover.


Netizens think that Junhoe is a straight guy. He’s quite a manly man, compared to the other boys of IKON. His face shows that no messing around with this guy. He is also so serious with his career.


Some netizens think that Donghyuk sexuality is questionable. Sometimes he could be a macho man with carefree attitude. Other times, he shows his sensitivity and gentle heart.

Jung Chanwoo:

Chanwoo is the youngest member of IKON. Being the youngest, Chanwoo always shows respect to the other members.

His fellow members, fans and agency like him because of his good personality. He can be cute and handsome at the same time. Citizens predict that Chanwoo is straight. Chanwoo’s ideal type of girl is a cute and talkative one.


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