Who is Lesbian in EXID and Why People Think So?

EXID is a Korean girls group debuted in 2012. After some changes in the group members, EXID is now consist of five members: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin and Junghwa.

As celebrities, they have to deal with any kind of exposure towards ther life profesionally and personaly. Even their sexuality can be a hot topic to be discussed. EXID is no exception.

Their group is getting more and more attention and the attention attracts certain leverage, of course.
Netizens are wondering whether there is a lesbian (or lesbians) among the EXID members.

Judging from their behaviour, statements and other things, here are the speculations of who is lesbian in EXID and why:


Netizens think that Solji is straight. Eventhough Solji does not have past love life to be known, still netizens think that she does it by choice. As a leader of EXID, Solji wants to put her career first before anything else.

In interviews, Solji got questiones about boys. She hopes someday she will have a boyfriend and going public by putting their picture up in her social media accounts. Solji also thinks men’s hip and butt are parts that she find most attractive.


LE is one of EXID members suspected to be a lesbian. Her alleged couple is not other that her fellow EXID members, Junghwa.

Their interactions are too much affectionate to be translated as just friends, so thought some netizens.
The fact that LE has a tomboy side adds to the equation. Netizens think that LE never gives interest in boys.

LE and Junghwa are also live in the same building and that makes them closer than ever. Some netizens saw them took a stroll around town and acted all cute together.


Based on her past relationships, Hani is straight. Eventhough she has a tomboy side, Hani has always dated men. She just broke up from an allegedly publicity-stunt-relationship with Junsu from JYJ.

Hani once confessed that her ideal type of man is Park Gun Hyung. Still, many K-pop lovers think Hani is a closetted lesbian or the most likely to be a lesbian among EXID members. They could tell from her interactions with boys and girls.

Hani looks really comfortable to be around girls and does not show interest in topics about men. Netizens are also aware to the fact that Hani praises women a lot. Some netizens also think Hani really gives off that lesbian vibes.


Hyelin is considered straight by most citizens. She is not currently dating anyone nor any past relationships to be known. Fans think that Hyelin is a bit conservative, despite her childish side.

She once said that a man she finds attractive is a man with high moral standard. She also stated marriage is a serious thing, not just romantic stuff. She still does skinship like all K-pop idols but netizens can tell it is just for fan service.

Park Junghwa:

Junghwa is suspected to be a lesbian and has a thing with LE. Netizens make the speculation judging by the way she interacts with LE. Junghwa looks too clingy to her.

Both of them seemingly have a closer relationship than with the other members. There were also photos of her and LE took a stroll arm in arm. Netizens also noticed that both of them had some similar stuff, like a couple usually do.


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