Who Had Plastic Surgery in Super Junior?

Super Junior is the leading pop boy group in South Korea. They are very popular not only in their own country but in many Asian countries.

Each of members is active in multiple fields in the show business. It is rumored that some members of the group has had plastic surgery before.

Who has ever done?


Leeteuk is the leader of the group. His playful personality is so loved by everyone that he is often called “Angel of Super Junior”.

But he has a shameful reputation that he has some work done on his face. Surprisingly, he easily confirmed that he had plastic surgery when appearing in the TV variety show.

He admitted that he got his eyes and nose improved. Before making debut, he had smaller eyes and a flatter nose. But he doesn’t seem to care about his experience at all.


Shindong is an inspiring person of Super Junior with his nice and playful personality.

Unlike other members of the group, he has a plump and round body, which instead attract numerous people in South Korea.

After making debut, he soon became popular as a member of Super Junior and now is very active as an actress as well as being a part of the group.

Recently, the rumor that Shindong had plastic surgery has been spread. He has confirmed it is true. When he appeared in the TV variety show, he talked about his surgery.

“One day, the president of our agency suggested I should have double eyelid surgery because I have an unpleasant look in my eyes.

So I decided to follow his suggestion.” After the surgery, his eyes have become so attractive.


Kyuhyun has confirmed that he has done plastic surgery before. When appearing in the MBS TV variety show, he was asked whether he had gone cutting under the knife by the MC of the show.

He admitted that he had undergone double eyelid surgery. He said, “I’m so satisfied with the result of the surgery.”

Looking at his old pictures before making debut, he actually had so sharp eyes with no fold. His face has dramatically changed since his old days.


There is a rumor that Ryeowook has undergone plastic surgery because his appearance has totally changed since his childhood.

When he appeared in the MBC variety show, he showed us his pictures of the old days, which made many viewers get surprised.

In the pictures, he looked so round and plump. Also the unfashionable glasses he was wearing, which was quite different from what he is.

“My weight at that time was 86kg. My parents often told me not to eat too much.” Judging from his comments, his current beautiful face and figure come from his losing weight.


Siwon has clearly denied that he has had plastic surgery. When he appeared in the MBC TV variety show as a guest, he talked about the rumor that he did nose job.

“The rumor that I have had my nose improved is not true. I have never undergone plastic surgery.” he said.

He also mentioned his funny experience concerned about the surgery.

“One day, a make-up artist asked me to touch my nose. I think he might have wanted to make sure of a fact that I had some work done on my face.”


Eunhyuk is in charge of the main dancer of Super Junior. He is said to be the funniest person of SM Entertainment.

With his nice personality and beautiful appearance, he is very popular among young people in South Korea.

However, there is a rumor that his perfect face and figure come from plastic surgery.

It is certain that the outline of his face of childhood was a little plumper, which causes many people to think he got the outline improved by going under the knife.

However, there is no evidence of the rumor, so no one knows the truth.


Heechul has confirmed that he has had plastic surgery before.

When appearing in the radio program, a listener asked him whether he had undergone cosmetic surgery or not. Surprisingly, he easily admitted that he had a nose job before.

He said, “A few years ago, I had a traffic accident, which deformed my nose.

So I had to have plastic surgery to restore the original shape. But my nose has become flatter than before.” He had no choice but to go cutting under the knife.


Yesung is in charge of the main vocal of Super Junior. He is often said to be the best singer of the group.

Has he have some work done on his face like other members of the group? Looking at the old pictures of his childhood, he had a round and flat nose.

But now his nose is high and well-formed. From these, he might have had his nose improved.

What do his fans think of his surgery? Many fans don’t care about it because their love for him will not change whether he has done cosmetic surgery or not.


It is rumored that Kangin has had plastic surgery because he has greatly changed from what he used to be.

When finished two-year military service came back to the South Korean show business, the outline of his face was so round and his body looked plump.

One year later, however, his face and figure was totally different from that at that time of being discharged from the army. The outline of his face and body became much sharper.

He said that he owed his change not to plastic surgery but to good-balanced diet and moderate exercise.


Sungmin is the leader of Super Junior M, the derivative group of Super Junior which he also belong to. He is famous for the first member of the group who got married.

His attractive features are cute round eyes that draw a lot of young girls. But he has a dishonorable rumor that his beautiful eyes come from plastic surgery.

Compared with old pictures of his childhood, however, we cannot find out any difference between his current figure and one of the old days.

It may be safe to say that he has never done plastic surgery.