Who Had Plastic Surgery in Seventeen?

Seventeen is a South Korean hip-hop boy group from Pledis Entertainment.

The group is consisted of thirteen members who participated in the TV reality show “SEVENTEEN PROJECT”, in which the participants tried a lot of different things to make a debut as a members of Seventeen, a derivative idol group from the show.

Don’t you want to know who has had plastic surgery for the debut in the group?


S.Coups is the leader of Seventeen and is in charge of the main rapper of the group. With his great leadership, he is adored by other members.

He has large eyes with long eyelash, which are his attractive features. His beautiful skin as white as snow also attracts many people.

Due to his westerner-like appearance, he is often taken as a half-South Korean. Therefore, he has a dishonorable reputation that his beautiful face and figure come from plastic surgery.

We believe that his beauty is natural, but we cannot find out whether the rumor is true or not.


Jeonghan is often said to be the most beautiful member of the group. His fans call him “Angel” to express his superhuman beauty.

His skin is as white as snow and his eyes are brightly slitted, which fascinate many young girls in South Korea.

When he was active as a trainee of the agency he belongs to, he was greatly paid attention from many people due to his cute appearance.

Compared his current figure with that in the old days, his nose seems to have become a little higher. Apart from that, it appears that he remains unchanged.


Joshua is in charge of the lead vocal of the group. Both his parents are South Korean, but he was born and raised in L.A., the Unite States.

His big sharp eyes are so attractive. In 2013, he became a trainee of Pledis. Before the debut, he was greatly paid attention from many fans due to his cute appearance.

Is his beauty really natural? Looking at his pictures before making debut, the space between his eyes was a little larger.

He might have had the inner corner of his eyes cut open to make them appear much bigger.


Jun is one of Chinese members of the group. He is often said to be much alike Hee-Chul, a member of Super Junior. His big eyes fascinate numerous South Korean young girls.

His profile is especially beautiful like an ancient Greek sculpture. From his childhood in China, his beautiful appearance was greatly paid attention from many people.

He was scouted by people of the show business and started his entertainment career as a child actor.

He doesn’t have any parts on his face that need to be improved through having plastic surgery.


Hoshi is in charge of the main dance of the group.

When he was a trainee of the agency Pledis, he practiced dancing much harder than anyone else and finally got an opportunity to make a debut as a member of Seventeen.

His most attractive feature are his slitted eyes. However, it is said that he has had plastic surgery before stating his career in the show business.

According to the rumor, he might have had the inner corner of his eyes cut open and made his nose well-formed.


Wonwoo is in charge of rapping of the group. When still in the middle school, he came up to Seoul to become a Kpop idol and became a trainee of Pledis Entertainment.

His sharped eyes give us an impression of being cold, but he is so kind and playful person.

He seems to be very proud of his eyes, so he doesn’t have a plan to have his eyes improved at the moment. It is said that he has a negative image for plastic surgery.

Before making debut, he put insulting words on his SNS site toward people who have some work done on their face.


Woozi is in charge of the main vocal of the group. Before making debut, he had been practicing much harder than any other Pledis trainees to get hold of a chance to become a Kpop idol.

He has a beautiful skin as white as snow and very sharp eyes with no fold, which are his attractive physical features.

Nothing about his face and figure has changed since his old days of trainee. Without having something done, his appearance is very fascinating.


DK is the main vocalist of Seventeen. He has a playful personality, which is most loved by other members of the group.

His transparent skin, sharp eyes and well-proportioned nose are so attractive that some people say he has gone cutting under the knife.

Is the rumor true or not? Looking at old pictures of his childhood, he doesn’t seem to have changed at all since the old days.

It may be correct to say that there is no possibility that he has done plastic surgery.


Mingyu is in charge of the main dancer of the group. At the age of fourteen, he was scouted by people of Pledis, the agency he currently belongs to.

His tall height (the tallest of the group) and sharp eyes slit brightly are his attractive features. He is said to be deft of hand and often takes care of hair-set for other members of the group.

Due to his beautiful appearance, some people say that he has some work done on his face. However, we cannot figure out the trace on his face compared with what he used to be.


The 8 is one of two Chinese members of Seventeen.

Before he came to South Korea, he had practiced break dance for about six years and won the championship in several dance competitions in China.

As well as his great dancing ability, his cute appearance is very popular among South Korean young girls.

Is his face and figure natural beauty? Looking at his old pictures before the debut, nothing on his face has changed.

He doesn’t seem to have any interest in having gone under the knife.

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