Who Had Plastic Surgery in Red Velvet?

Red Velvet is a South Korean girl pop group from SM Entertainment. The group is consisted of five members who all have great singing ability.

They made debut in August 2014 with their first digital single Happiness (2014). At the beginning of their debut, it has been said that they have had plastic surgery.

Do you believe the rumor or not?


Irene is a leader of Red Velbet. Due to her beautiful appearance, she is said to be the most popular member of the group.

When she was a trainee of SM Entertainment, she was paid great attention from many young fans. Her transparent skin without any spots especially has a great reputation.

Many people say that her beauty is natural. Compared with her old pictures before the debut, she doesn’t seem to have changed at all since the old days.


Seulgi is a lead dancer of the group. When being still a SM rookie, she was very popular among many fans due to her cute appearance and was greatly paid attention from people in the show business.

She has eyes that has an eyelid with no fold, but her vision is very impressive. If you catch her gaze, you cannot keep your eyes off it.

Many Kpop idols are apt to have plastic surgery to make their eyes much bigger, but she isn’t. She might have much confident her beautiful eyes.


Wendy is a main vocalist of Red Velvet. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

Recently, her face and figure have been greatly talked about by netizens on the Internet because her photo posted on a site has totally changed from that three months before.

Her figure looks much thinner and her eyes appear much bigger than before, which causes many people to believe that she had gone cutting under the knife.

Probably she tried to lose her weight and got her eyes double eyelid. Many young girls in South Korea are so interested in the diet and plastic surgery she has done.


Joy is a lead rapper of Red Velvet. Before the new member Yeri joined the group, Joy was the youngest of the group and in charge of Manne (meaning the youngest in Korea).

There is a rumor that she has undergone plastic surgery because her figure has greatly changed from the old days.

When she was a child, she looked much plumper and also her eyes appeared smaller, which led many people think that she has some work done on her face and figure.


Yeri is the youngest member of Red Velvet. As the fifth member of the group, she has joined the group in 2015.

Many of their fans got firstly puzzled by her joining, but were gradually drawn to her innocence like a child and cute appearance.

However, she has a dishonest rumor that she has some work done on her face. Some people say that she might have got prosthesis put in her forehead.

Other say that SM Entertainment told her to do so for making debut in the show business.

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