Who Had Plastic Surgery in Highlight (Beast)?

Having plastic surgery in South Korea is simply a normal activity.

Even the common people also have this done because South Korea is a known plastic surgery destination.

Unlike in other countries, the idea of plastic surgery is frowned upon. But in Korea, it is totally regarded as a normal act.

Let’s find out which members of ~~~ were rumored to have plastic surgery.

Jang Hyun Seung

Also knows as Hyunseung is incredible talented and good looking.

When his older pictures spread in internet, netizen in Koreaboo started to talk aboung his facial features.

His appereance looks very different than his recent days, because he’s more skinny and his faces can change when hes going older.

But, along side the fact because despresion that Hyunseung feel when his father died of sudden heart attack in 2012 that’s not concider his structures face can changed like recent of him.

In his older photos, Hyunseung jaw more rounded and defined, now while his jawline still is smooth, his checekbones heavily emphasized and defined on his face, this is look unnatural than his older photos.

Another comparison is his nose, in the past Hyunseung nose has been wider, and now his nose perfectly fit in his face, Hyungseung nose looks smaller and more pointedly narrow.

Although his nose doesn’t changed so much, but his facial features structures bone seem bit different.

But, even if the rumored true or not, we’ll never know for sure bacause Hyunseung doesn’t confirmed himself.

Yoon Do-Joon

Is one of the member from Highlight that didn’t let his face under the knife.

Dojoon face appears without any plastic surgary.

His debut picture long time ago with audition JYP and recent with BEAST showed no different.

Only his make up and style little bit changed than make him more handsomely older.

His eyes, jawline, nose, all about bone structures in Dojoon face didn’t changed even for small major.

That’s the fact that he doesn’t let himself succumbed with Korean Idol Industry.

Song Dong Woon

Another member from Highlight that’s said he didn’t get any plastic surgery on his face.

Dong Woon clarified that he doesn’t touch his face with scalpel to do some job done to his facial appearance now.

When he became a guest in Mnet’s Dirty Talk, the MC Kim Gu Ra looked at Dongwoon face and bluntly said “You’re really good looking.

You have the face of an actor. You resemble actor Lee Pil Mo”, and after that another MC Yoo Se Yoo added “Your nose is quite masterpiece. Is that your real nose?”.

And then Dongwoon replied “I did not touch my face at all”.

This rejected clarification from Dongwoon himself make he is become another KPOP Idol stars that doesn’t undergo his face with plastic surgery.

Yon Jun Hyung

After he post his newest picture in Instagram, netizen make a fuss of his appearance because Jun Hyun can recognize at all.

Some people said, because the angle that make him different.

Clearly Jun Hyun lost his weight but people already notice his nose looks different.

One of his fans comment about his newest pictures with “Is it really you? I can’t recognize at all”, and other comment “Nose job and single eyelid surgery?”

Which is this rumored that spread in forum of KPOP fans about Jun Hyun do plastic surgery with his nose and his eye true or not, there is no clarification from his management or from himself.

Yang Yo Seob

He is lead vocalist of Highlight. There is a rumor about him having a surgery, though we can’t be sure if it’s a plastic surgery or just a medical surgery.

Yo Seob suffer with rhinitis infection and due to that condition, his management planned on him to get surgery.

Cube Entertaiment said, rhinitis symptoims can affected Yo Seob condition that’s why before Highlight come back with new album, Yo Seob need to had surgery in his nose.

Even that statement is for medical, lots of people didnt trust it at all, some comment on

KPOP debating forum Koreboo said “If he was getting a nose job they wouldn’t use this as a excuse. They would say that the members need more time to prepare”, or “LOL it really isn’t.

Im not singer so I cant speak for Yo Seob, but I have chronic rhinitis bassically of saying a stuffy nose and the best treatment is medicine and some tissues, not surgery”.

Lee Gi Kwang

About his facial features, he didn’t changed to much.
And no information in internet that he let job done on his face.

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