Who Had Plastic Surgery in 2NE1?

Unlike in other countries, the idea of plastic surgery is frowned upon. But in Korea, it is totally regarded as a normal act.

They are generally models for all kinds of people, so they have to present their looks as perfect as possible.

In Japan, plastic surgeries are uncommon and rare.


She an ex member from 2NE1, she left this idol group on May 5, 2016.

YG Entertaiment said, Minzy doent’s sign new contract so she will officially left 2NE1.

When Minzy still at 2NE1 she is an “magnae” means the youngest member in idol group 2NE1.

After she post it her picture in her account social media, her face become more beutifull and cant regocnize at all.

Before that, Minzy had a flat nose and chubby face.

And after her face under the knife, her nose, face, and jaw getting all done with perfect plastic surgery.

YG Entertaiment which is 2NE1 agency told media that Minzy had a nose surgery for cure it her rhinitis.

“Lots of people talked about the change’s from my self, coincedental Im not a person can keep it secret. So, I will cleary said. Truth is I did plastic surgery”, claim Minzy 2NE1 to Popdust.

Park Bom

She is the member from 2NE1 who is really like her face under the knife.

Fans from 2NE1 getting scared about the changing and post lots of comment for her.

“This is my fault that I told her to had a plastic surgery, and now, look at her, her face getting change side by side. Just please, stop your hobby now”, said Bom face.

And another like “I like her before her face getting lots of surgery”, “You look more beutifull before”, some of fans comment.

Saw Bom face before her debut, her eyes really slanting that’s the reason she think to do plastic surgery.

From Asiantows, woman who had strong voice in 2NE1 getting her face under the knife to her nose, eyelids, face shape, even for breast implants.

Apart from plastic surgery, how Park Bom get the look pretty as a doll thanks for make up artist Korean Idol.


She is the leader from 2NE1 who doesn’t had any plastic surgery.

CL confess in her social media account that she never had any plastic surgery for her face.

“I do love CL, but I want still to be Chaerin. If I feel that I need to change, I will change. But I really like natural looks”, claim CL.

In some of forum about K-pop Idol, lots of people said and comment for CL that she is one of KPOP Idol that’s really avoided plactic surgery.

Even she had squint eyes, CL stayed natural and avoid to do plactic surgery.

In some interview for Elle magazine, CL told that she choose performing natural look in front of her fans.

“I ever had verbal public attack about my appearance. I feel sad and think that im not preety enough for people. After that I talk with my producer Teddy to write a song title Ugly”, claimed CL.

She also told that her agency YG Entertaiment asked her to plactic surgery before CL debut with 2NE1 at 2009.

“YG tell me to do plstic surgery. I remained in my mind and said to them, no, I’ll never ever do it”.

Sandara Park

Since her debut with 2NE1, Dara is the only one of member 2NE1 who had a cute face.

Dara never showed growing older, her face still pretty cute even in her 30 years old.

Lots of Dara fans called her with beautifull vampire, because her fans think that Dara had a immortal beauty that never showed to change.

But, same as CL, Dara told that she got her cute face and youthfull without any plastic surgery.

She confess that she got her face getting done thanks for her make up artist..


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