Why Did Jang Hyun-seung Leave Highlight (Beast)?

Highlight, formerly known as Beast (which was managed by Cube Entertainment), has only had one casualty when it comes to member departure.

The group which was formed in 2006 had it members intact until 2016.

The only member who has left the group is Hyunseung and the reason for his departure will be briefed.

Jang hyun Seung

Jang hyun Seung is a former member of the South Korean group Beast, which is now known as Highlight.

He was born on September 3, 1989 in Suncheon, South Korea but raised in Seoul.

Having served the group since its establishment, Hyunseung finally left in 2016.

He left the group because he wanted to pursue a career as a solo artist.

Cube Entertainment in a release on April 2016 confirmed that he has departed from the group.

Leaving the group was based on mutual understanding. As part of Highlight, they released several singles and albums both in Korean and Japanese.

He was also one half of the duo Trouble Maker, with his label mate HyuNa.

As a member of Trouble Maker, they released a mini album with the lead single Trouble Maker.

Hyunseung as part of the group has won the Artist of the Year award at the Melon Music Awards in 2011.

He has done some solo projects with the release of his debut solo album “My.”

What Is He Doing Right Now?

He is currently majoring in Applied Music at the Dongshin University.

Hyunseung is a former trainee of YG Entertainment who was supposed to make a debut for BIGBANG.

His interest in music was since childhood which made him audition for YG Entertainment at age 15.

Though he was eliminated during the second round, he went to see the CEO of YG and was later accepted as a trainee.

During his time at YG Entertainment, he used the name SO-1 and was seen in Big Bang pre debut documentary.

After he was eliminated for him being underdeveloped with his stage performance, he was convinced by a friend to join Cube Entertainment.

This led to him becoming a member of Highlight.


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