Who has girlfriend in Day6?

Day6” is a South Korean five-members rock band produced by “JYP Entertainment” in 2015. The group consists of five boys: Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon.

Their first mini-album “The Day” was performed on September 7, 2015. The guys earned the huge popularity and fans’ love. Within 5 minutes of tickets were going on sale the first concert sold out.


DAY6 JAEさん(@jae.day6)がシェアした投稿

Often followers question: Does Jae has a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend? Netizens do not know exactly, but they suppose it would not be strange if he had or has one, because Jae is a young man and he is allowed to date if he desires to.

Fans call him “Chicken Little” like a Disney character. Jae’s friends joked he left his first love in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once, Jae admitted he had been fooling around with some girls at the State University of California.



Sungjin is a charming, handsome and multi-talented leader, the main singer and songwriter for idol band “Day6”.

Some user published the photo below of Sungjin with his girlfriend on a Korean blogger webpage. The picture was reblogged from “happinessinadolescence-deactiva” with the inscription – “Park Sung Jin and his girlfriend by Kim Jin Yong”.

On that photo the couple sitting at a table in a cafe or a shopping center. A personality of girl is not known and the “Day6” leader does not disclose her name. The singer did not confirm or deny the rumors.

Young K:

The Canadian boy Young K is the most daring and unpredictable guy of the South Korean band. His groupmates state that Brian Kang (real name) lives without any special order or plans for the future.

Young K, in his turn, reports he likes his “Tarzan life”, spontaneity and living in the moment. As the most handsome and the strongest member out of all of “Day6” band, he does not have a girl. He does not rush into a relationship and prefers free connection, without any commitments.


Wonpil is the most unusual member of the “Day6”. As a black sheep of the group, singer, is the boy with the most enjoyable hobbies and interests.

And there is not a collecting of girlfriends. Wonpil passionately fond the playing synthesizer, keyboards, MIDI platform and creating figurines from plastic.

His girlfriend is unknown, and there is no information about his ex-girlfriends. Some fangirls say he looks like Hoya from “Infinite”. When girls call him rough, he makes a cute smile and sends out kisses.


Do Woon is the youngest, cutest and most handsome boy of “Day6”. Since he was the last member to enter, fans do not have a lot of information about his personal life.

Do Woon is quiet and a little bit shy in public, perhaps because of this, it is difficult to meet with a girl.

But, his friends say, Do is very active and talkative when he is with mates. Currently, Do Woon preferes stay alone. The best partner for him are his pet dog and a pet cat.