Who is Kim Dong Wook’s girlfriend? Lovelife of Kim Dong Wook

Who is Kim Dong Wook’s girlfriend now?

I’ll introduce his lover and love life.


Kim Dong Wook (born July 29, 1983) is a South Korean actor.

Over the last 16 years, he has appeared in 28 movies which is such a big number, especially since many top actors only act in one movie a year or even one every two years.

Dong Wook has a character called Harim who is basically him on screen because he did not feel the need to act, just to be himself and read lines.

He has been in many, many popular South Korean TV shows, but his best and most popular performance came in “The Concubine”, a period drama that aired in 2012, where he played a tormented and obsessed king.

Kim Dong Wook is a very private man, and while he knows it is important to show a side of him to the fans, he does not talk much about his private life, including his family or his girlfriends.


Dong Wook is probably single at this time, but it may just be his privacy and he is actually dating somebody without the media knowing about it.

Kim Go Eun

Kim Dong Wook’s rumoured ex-girlfriend is Kim Go Eun, a South Korean actress.

They were spotted in Cebu, Philippines, on a scuba diving club trip, and onlookers said they looked really close and were even spotted holding hands.

However, they both deny the rumours, with Go Eun even saying there is no way, and that they even tried really hard not to touch finger tips.

It may or may not be true, but it proves how important being private is to Dong Wook, because most celebrities do not even worry about dispelling rumours.

Dong Wook says that he gets girl’s numbers so easily because they just give it to him first without him asking for it.

He also mentioned having the numbers to all the girls of SNSD, with him being particularly close to SNSD’s Sunny.

There is no mention of a romantic connection between the two of them, but it is interesting that he chose to keep in touch with her and not the rest of the beautiful girls of SNSD.

His type of women

Kim Dong Wook has said that he has no preference on looks, but prefers the feeling.

The person needs to give him a good feeling, and while he does care about looks it is not as important, but what is important is that they are compatible and understand each other well.

Dong Wook has also mentioned that he has a preference for on-screen lovers, such as wanting to play Park Min Young’s lover in the future, showing the kind of girls he has chemistry with and the kind of girls that he prefers.

View on marriage

Dong Wook is not worrying or even thinking about marriage right now, as can be seen by his silence on the topic.

Ideal dates

In the past, Dong Wook has been very impulsive in his love and actions when he dated younger girls, but as he has aged, his dating situation has become more relaxed.

He calls it obsessive love.



-Flying Boys (2004)
-All For Love (2005)
-No Regret (2006) Ga-Ram
-Lost and Found (2008) Han Ji Hoon
-Living Together, Happy Together (2008)
-Five Senses of Eros (2009) cameo
-Find Mr. Destiny (2010) Dr. Jung
-Romantic Heaven (2011) Ji Wook
-The Concubine (2012) Prince/King Sung Won


-Coffee Prince (2007) Jin Ha Lim
-Unstoppable Marriage (2007)
-Like a Dandelion (2010)
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-Maids (2014-2015) Kim Eun Gi

TV Movie

-The Great Gift (2011) Koo Woo Ram