Who Had Plastic Surgery in NCT (U, 127, Dream) ?

NCT still has three more members left to debut.

Whether the three of them will be join a group together, or be separated is still unknown.

They are older than the maknaes, and are actually one of the oldest.

These three members are Johnny, Kun and Hansol, and we hope to see these handsome guys debut very soon.

For now, let’s take a look.


It’s unsure whether Johnny’s actually had any plastic surgery done.

Some people believe that his nose looks different than before, as the tip of his nose is higher and smaller than in previous photos, before becoming a trainee.

However, for the most part, his nose looks the same in most pictures, depending on the angle and the quality of the picture.

Still, there shouldn’t be exclusion of a possible plastic surgery on Johnny’s nose.

People also tend to believe that Johnny’s eyes are wider than before, which may be a result of an eye widening surgery, but makeup can do that often, so it’s possible that Johnny only had work done on his nose, not his eyes too.

We hope Johnny debuts soon, as he is one of the most mature looking and handsome members of NCT

Han Sol

Hansol hasn’t had his debut yet, but we are expecting him to debut in one of the groups soon.

Despite not debuting yet, Hansol needs to be prepared and ready to become a rookie every day, and that entails his looks, too.

There aren’t too many photos of Hansol out there, but people are already discussing his possible nose job.

His nose is very pointed and curved, while the tip is very high, which makes it look like it has fillers.

In other photos, Hansol’s nose doesn’t look as pointed, so there’s a possibility that it was only a filler to try out a look for Hansol.

Until Hansol debuts, we won’t be seeing much of him, but we hope he does soon. Whether he’s had plastic surgery or not, his talents must shine!


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Kun is the third member of NCT who still hasn’t debuted, but we are hoping he will soon.

He is the only Chinese member who’s still waiting to debut, but he’s also one of the older members of the group.

Kun’s face doesn’t seem like it was surgically changed.

He has a naturally flat and wide nose, which is a little bit chunky, and his smile reveals dimples and small wrinkles around his nose, which is a sure sign of his natural cuteness.

Hopefully we can see Kun dance and sing very soon!


There was a lot of controversy surrounding NCT, especially their first sub-unit which debuted, NCT U.

From the previous behavior of the rapper Taeyong and his apparent internet scamming as a teen to the low success of their debut song “The 7th Sense.”

“The 7th Sense,” ranked badly on charts but won everyone’s hearts simultaneously in terms of quality, visuals and style.

Despite it not ranking well in the charts, the scandals and bad publicity kept occurring.

However, the biggest issue that many people had with NCT U was the obvious plastic surgery done on the members’ faces, that the label almost forgot to cover up.

It’s probably well known already that SM Entertainment changes their idols’ looks to uphold a certain image, even putting them under the knife for this purpose.

Some members have had changes that are too obvious, while others just had temporary fillers.

Still, tampering with their young faces truly made some people wonder about the label’s policy.

Here’s a list of the NCT U members who most likely had plastic surgery.


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It’s possible that Taeil, much like other NCT members, has had a nose correction.

Some of the pictures that were pointed out as before and after do make a point that his nose looks a bit different.

However, it’s probably all due to lighting, shading, makeup and some good old photoshop.

In one of controversial shots that evoke rumors about Taeil’s nose correction, it seems that the official photographers of SM Entertainment failed to photoshop his nose operation scar away, as some people had solid evidence to prove it.

However, it’s still possible that Taeil only grew up to be handsome, while it’s still possible that his nose was changed a bit.

He’s still very handsome, and can be seen in both NCT U and NCT 127.


Many mean people like to say that Taeyong’s full face was created by plastic surgery, but that’s highly untrue.

Taeyong is a part of the units NCT U and NCT 127.

He does have an odd face, very untypical for a Korean guy, his eyes are wide and his nose is completely straight and narrow.

However in looking at his old pictures, we can see that it hasn’t changed.

He might have had a correction or two on the tip of his nose; whichever the case, we see Taeyong’s natural charm and handsomeness in every frame and photograph.

Plus, there is more discussion about his attitude and previous bad behavior than there is about his possible surgeries.


There isn’t a single thread on Doyoung and his possible plastic surgery on the Internet.

This may mean that people agree that he didn’t have any corrections, or that there has been more obvious work done on other members, such as Ten, for example.

Still, Doyoung’s perfectly shaped nose could have come both from a surgical correction or a fabulous genetic material.

We can only watch Doyoung in NCT U, and in the video for the song “The 7th Sense,” he does appear to be quite dapper and some may say even pretty.

Some argue his face may be too perfect to be only a product of genetics.

Still, makeup and lighting does a lot for someone’s looks, and since no one is openly discussing Doyoung’s possible surgeries, it’s probably very likely that he hasn’t had any.

At this point we can only say, hurray for genetics!


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The pretty boy and dancing machine, Ten has most likely had a nose job. His nose is more pointy than before, and in some pictures it can be quite obvious.

We can watch him put up incredible dance moves in the show “Hit the stage,” where his face can be seen close up, too, for all those who only wish to know whether Ten has had any plastic surgery.

Ten is the only Thai member of the power squad NCT (he is a part of the NCT U group).

He has a very pointy nose, but it’s quite lengthy and wide, so it is a probable product of plastic surgery.

His lips and eyes are natural, however, despite many people believing he had his eyes done, too.

Ten is just a cutie who will impress you with more than just his cute face, whether his nose was operated on or not, he’ll make you swoon with his awesome dance moves!


Not everyone needed a surgical correction when they joined NCT, except for some fillers.

The mature looking and handsome Jaehyun is almost surgery free, except for a small reduction on his chin. It is rumored that his double chin was removed, as he had extra skin below his chin.

To have only one correction, which is barely even a noticeable one is pretty great.

Jaehyun is said to be a favorite member among fans because of his mature looks and great fashion sense, which makes him appear older than he is.

With the charming wrinkles under his piercing eyes and his pretty nose, Jaehyun is certainly one of the best looking rookies in the K-pop world at the moment.

Here’s to him getting more attention for all the good reasons!


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Mark is a member of all three NCT units; NCT U, NCT Dream and NCT 127.

Although he is talented in his singing and dancing skills, it is his rapping skills that stand out the most, enabling his to be apart of all three groups.

Another great thing about Mark, besides being hardworking, is the fact that he is plastic surgery free.

Due to photoshop, his nose may look really straight sometimes, but it does have a natural curve, which lets us all know that it’s completely natural.

He also has a small face naturally, and that’s a great trait according to Korean beauty standards.

NCT 127

NCT 127 are the second line of NCT and the second sub-unit to debut.

There are four members from NCT U who are also a part of NCT 127, and they are Taeil, Taeyong, Jaehyun and Mark.

Their plastic surgery work was covered in the piece about NCT U since they are the integral part of it, and they debuted there first.

Here, we will take a look on the other four members of NCT 127 who may or may not have been put under the knife.


Yuta is a member of NCT 127.

He used to have a square chin, but on the recent selfies and photos, it looks pointed and sharp!

SM Entertainment may have gone too far with Yuta, but at least we can hope that the boys are asked about the procedures before they agree to them and go under the knife.

The only thing that looks different about him is that his face looks longer and slimmer, which was probably the whole point.

Still, many fans agree that dear Yuta looked better before.
He is still a good performer, very professional and has a great sense of style; good luck to him!


WinWin is one of the only fully natural members of NCT. He is a member of NCT 127 only.

Although he didn’t have any corrections done to his face, we can still talk about his face, as he is really handsome!

He has the facial features of a Disney prince and is very good looking in photographs.

He’s just one of many idols who also have a budding modeling career and a great future in modeling.

If we take a look at photos of WinWin as a kid, even then, he was adorable and his face looks completely the same as before, just more mature and grown up overall.

We can safely say that WinWin is a great, natural asset to the NCT Universe.


Haechan matured quite nicely and didn’t need any surgery before debuting or after.

He is completely surgery-free, which is a win for his genes, but the whole ‘maknae line’ of NCT is mostly surgery free.

Haechan was the first member of NCT revealed and his visuals impressed everyone who was expecting to be a fan of NCT; he looked super handsome in his editorial, and his profile showed that his face was still completely natural, such as his nose, cheeks and chin.

His cheeks did look fuller before, but growing up can make us all look different.

Many people lose or gain baby fat in the face especially, which is anything but worrisome, especially in the handsome Haechan’s case.

NCT Dream

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NCT Dream are the ‘maknae line’ of the NCT unit.

Mark is the only member who debuted in all three NCT sub-units, so he was covered in the NCT U article about plastic surgery.

NCT Dream’s members are the members whose ages range from 14 years old to 17 years old; they are too young to have had plastic surgery, so none of them really did have it.

Our favorite maknae’s are all surgery-free, which is how it should be. They’re still growing up!

Still, here’s an overview of each of the members (Mark excluded).


Jeno is a part of the maknae line and he is among the youngest members (born in 2000).

It’s too early for Jeno to get any plastic surgery because he’s still well into puberty and is going through all the natural changes that he ought to go through.

He’s a real cutie, so we hope that he won’t need any surgical corrections in the future, and that he grows up into a talented, good looking and happy young man.

We are all cheering for Jeno!

Ren Jun

Renjun is another member of NCT Dream who is a part of the maknae line.

He was only revealed recently (in August of 2016) and he is completely natural. His face is still growing, as well as his body as he is only 16 years old.

Renjun and Jeno are the same age, with only one month between their birthdays, and they are both still too young to be put under the knife.

Hopefully, even when they grow up, such things wouldn’t be necessary, but SM Entertainment loves to do things their way, so we only have to wait.

For now, we should wish Renjun the best of luck in his new group! Renjun, fighting! (This is a well-known cheer in South Korea, also spelled as ‘hwaiting!’ and it means “Please endure, we are cheering you on.”


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NCT Dream is mostly comprised of the younger rookies, their official ages range from 14 to 17.

Jaemin is no exception, since he was also born in 2000, and is still very much in his teen years.

Jaemin has a very wide, natural nose and a super wide smile; he’s also known as one of the biggest jokesters in the group, who always tends to have fun with his older brothers on music video sets.

For now, Jaemin is completely surgery free, and let’s hope it stays that way because he has a really cute face!

However, on February 1, 2017 an official statement was posted about Jaemin after his absence was noticed in a teaser for the group’s first single album.

The official statement was posted on NCT SMTOWN’s website.

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We appreciate all the fans for the great attention on the teaser images of NCT Dream’s first single album ‘The First’ that were revealed today.

We’re here to make an announcement for the fans who’ve waited for Jaemin.

Last year, Jaemin, who joined promotions for ‘Chewing Gum’, has been treated for a herniated disc since his trainee days. His condition has worsened and because we believe that artist’s health is first priority and most important, we decided for him to focus on treatment and take a break for this promotions.

We ask fans to understand and give many support and encouragement for his fast recovery.

Once again, we appreciate all the fans who support NCT Dream. NCT Dream will work their best to repay the love.

Thank you.”


Chen Le was the third NCT Dream member revealed and he’s only 15 years old now!

He is a super talented singer from China, and he hasn’t had any surgical corrections done to him for two reasons.

First, because it’s too early, and second,because in our eyes he doesn’t need any surgery.

Chen Le is famous for his smile and the dimples on his cheeks while he smiles, which we hope will stay with him during his time as an NCT member.

He is very young, but that doesn’t mean he’s not talented.

He’s a powerhouse and only 15 years old, which means that only good things are waiting for our NCT Dream member.

Ji Sung

Ji Sung is the maknae of the maknaes in NCT Dream; he was born in 2002, and he’s a real dance machine.

As the youngest member of an idol group, Ji Sung has big shoes to fill, considering he’s got so much to train for.

However, he also has a lot of years ahead of him in growing up, we wish he would take his time and truly try to be himself without any surgeries in the future.

Insecurities hit us mostly when we are 14-17 years old, as we grow up and start to see changes in our bodies and minds.

Hopefully, Ji Sung will go through these changes with his cool bandmates and all of them can help each other become the best NCT unit ever.

Keep dancing, Ji Sung, and grow well!

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