Who Had Plastic Surgery in iKON?

iKON are a group that has a bad boy attitude, with a laid back, hip hop style.

That still wouldn’t prevent some of them from getting surgery and enhancing their facial features.

However, fans strongly agree that iKON members are all completely natural and shining, not only because they have a rough image, but because they’re all still very young (barely reaching 20s).

Although it’s legal for underage people to get plastic surgery in South Korea, it’s very rare.

So let’s see if there is any speculation about the members of iKON and surgical corrections.


Bobby doesn’t seem to have ever done any plastic surgery on his body nor his face; many childhood photos of Bobby’s don’t make him look any different now than when he was a toddler.

It’s a rare thing to have a small, perfect nose like Bobby does, but the photos reveal that his nose had always been perfect.

And his small eyes shrink even more when he smiles, and he’s proud of that and so are his numerous fans; he has an even better eye smile as a result!

Bobby loves getting tattoos more than plastic surgery, so we’ll leave it to him to choose which one he’ll love more in the future.


It may be quite obvious that B.I has never had any surgery as he has a pretty boastful nose, which idols tend to put “under the knife”, like they say for surgery.

He is proud of any imperfection he may have and accepts himself fully.

B.I may have a bigger love for tattoos, anyway, since he has three large ones on his body, and that’s his way of expressing what he believes in, rather than altering his body to be his better self.

It’s nice when we accept ourselves, because this is what we are meant to be; we can always beautify ourselves, but everyone should learn from B.I and enjoy their bodies and faces as best as they can!


Judging by Chanwoo’s photos, his face doesn’t look like he did any surgery.

There was never even the smallest discussion that he might have among iKON’s fans, which is good for Chanwoo.

Idols get a lot of pressure from netizens if they believe something about them, so the idols can sometimes be driven into depression or take a break from performing.

Thankfully, Chanwoo didn’t get that kind of pressure from netizens and his fans believe that he is all natural, 100% himself.

He does seem like a sweet guy, and he’s definitely plastic surgery free.


Some controversy arose around Jinhwan in July of 2016, when people noticed that his nose looked a little different than before.

If one takes a look at some newer and older photos of Jinhwan, it’s obvious that there is a difference in the bridge of his nose, as well as the tip of his nose – it’s a little higher and narrower than before.

We all know the power of makeup, however, so that may be a work of contouring; however, since Korean male idols don’t wear heavy makeup but only get a cover up, so contouring is highly unlikely.

Jinhwan never talked about his nose, and it’s hard to believe he ever might; idols rarely embrace their plastic surgery publicly.


Yunhyeong looks and is completely natural; he’s never had any surgery done.

If we take a look at his photos, he’s looked the same for most of his life, except an occassional haircut or a dye job.

The precious Yunhyeong is very charismatic and a great dancer, but he’s also very young.

Most members of iKON are just now reaching their twenties, so it may be too soon for them to get plastic surgery and modify what they already have.

We hope Yunhyeong doesn’t feel like he needs surgery, but if he does – that’s his choice, too!


Donghyuk has an obviously natural face; his nose is naturally curved and it’s very typical in Korean men to have noses that curve slightly, which only makes them more handsome (but it’s all about someone’s taste, of course).

Donghyuk looks a bit like B.I’s brother, which is why the two of them are usually inseparable.

Still, they both look great and have no need for surgery, but if they ever decide to do so, we can support them.

For now, let the DongBin (Donghyuk and Hanbin, combination of their names) live happily!


Junhoe has a natural nose, although it looks a little bit like he underwent surgery.

Still, no one ever asked him nor doubted that he’s had any work done on his face, but it’s okay to assume that his perfectly shaped nose may have once been altered.

Still, we have no reason to believe Junhoe ever had any surgery, and it will remain that way until it’s confirmed by him, or someone he knows.

It’s so nice when nature gives us a perfectly shaped face, and Junhoe was certainly blessed with that; he’s a natural in everything.


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