Who Had Plastic Surgery in Mamamoo?

Mamamoo are still considered one of the newer groups on the K-pop scene, but that didn’t stop any netizens from throwing speculations wherever they may.

Although Mamamoo is a group of super talented, funny, quirky and natural beauties, there is some doubt on whether some of them have had any surgical procedures done.

Now, let’s see who is thought to have done surgery in Mamamoo and why.


People are most drawn to believing that Solar, MAMAMOO’s leader, has actually had plastic surgery.

When photos of Solar’s high school days emerged, people were drawn to believe that she did some sort of facial reconstruction surgery, a nose job, eye lift and a lip injection.

However, Solar said that she understands that her high school photos look different but that she only lost weight and changed her style in the meantime.

She didn’t really deny nor confirm that she had surgery, so we’ll believe her words for now.


Some people are led to believe that Hwasa had a nose job and fixed her teeth because of the differences in her past and present photos.

However, Hwasa told in a few interviews that she struggled with weight and being bullied quite often in her young age.

She lost weight just before debuting, but she probably lost even more after debuting, as idols tend to have hectic schedules and go through rigorous dance practices.

She never talked about plastic surgery and was never even asked about it, so it’s unknown if she did any.

The majority’s vote is that Hwasa is all natural.


Moonbyul went through a lot of style changes and it also seems she lost a few kilograms from the time Mamamoo debuted until now.

Her hair was dark at first, she wore it naturally black but nowadays she’s blonde and looks slimmer.

Other than that, no one believes Moonbyul did any surgery or cosmetic reduction.

Whee In

Whee In also went through changes in her style – her hair was dark brown when Mamamoo debuted, but now it’s light red.

She hasn’t changed much since then, but her lighter hair really made her stand out and look slimmer and more cheerful.

Other than a style change, Whee In never had plastic surgery and there are barely any reasons to question whether she did; she looks adorable and very natural.