Who is Gay in Seventeen and Why People Think So?

Seventeen members where presumed to be gay because of some pictures which popped up in the media.
Members of the group were seen kissing which brought several controversies.

That aside, an inscription which read sexy, aegyo and tough after a “Pepero” game was misinterpreted as sex, aegyo and tough by a writer. Are any of them gay or bisexual?

S. Coups

The first member to discuss is S. Coups. He has not had any scandal individually when it comes to issues involving sexuality. So he can’t be said as gay or bisexual.


Wonwoo checking from his age would be a misplaced priority if we are to discuss her sexuality. He is 19 years at the moment and has not had any sexuality scandals privately. So for now he can‘t be said as gay or bisexual.


Mingyu cannot at the moment be classified as bisexual or gay. Apart from the groups act at the Pepero which made netizens describe the group as gay, he has no personal scandals.

Also looking at his age, he is just 19 and rather needs time to develop his career than sexuality claims.


Vernon’s sexuality is not known at the moment. So whether he is gay or bisexual, that cannot be determined because he has not had his sexuality questioned.

Vernon is also just 18 years which makes discussion this issue a little odd because he is young. That been said, his gestures and physical appearance doesn’t seen someone who is gay.


Woozi cannot be said as gay or bisexual as it stands now. His sexuality has never been questioned neither has he any media publication which terms him as gay aside the groups bad press during the Pepero games. So for now, at age19, he cannot be said to be gay or bisexual.


Do you see Jeonghan as a gay or bisexual? The answer cannot be definite since he has not been personal accused of gayism. His gestures and physics also do not suggest he is into the act. So for now she cannot be termed as gay or bisexual but rather straight.


DK may be seen as gay because almost all members of Seventeen were termed as one after their performance at the Pepero games. But in real fact, he is not either gay or bisexual because that cannot be determined now.

Even when age is considered, he is just 19 and very young for such consideration. Lee Seokmin best known as DK or Dokyeom is a member of the group Seventeen.


Apart from all members of Seventeen being presumed as gays after a Pepero game, there has not been any other proof.

Seungkwan cannot be said as gay or bisexual since there are no adequate proofs to that effect. Also applying physical gestures he doesn’t have feminine attributes. He is also very young to have such hugh claims on him.


Jun’s sexuality cannot be questioned since individually he has no scandals. Though he is old to take his own decision, he hasn’t been cited anywhere of having a gay partner. So at the moment, he cannot be said as gay or bisexual.


Hoshi’s sexuality cannot be determined apart from saying he is straight. He cannot be said as gay or bisexual as it stands now. At 20 though he can have his own choice, that claims and accusations have not been leveled against him.