Who is Gay in BIGBANG and Why People Think So?

Big Bang is apparently the most recognized group since their debut. They are admired almost by everybody, especially by the gay community.

The group is known for their top-rated music and elite style. They may be a prominent band loved by many, but there are still some speculations about their member’s preferences.


He is very known as a great rapper, not just in the group, but also in his solo activities. G-Dragon and T.O.P are childhood friends and until now their friendship is stronger than ever. He has a stubborn personality that wants to speak his mind all of the time.

However, he also has a feminine side. The color pink is her favorite color and even her room is color pink. His room is full of stuff toys. Regardless of his unmanly side, fans think of it as something cute and not being gay.


On a gay poll about who is the hottest member of boy band, G-Dragon was unsurprisingly the top pick for Big Bang. Without a doubt, he got the swag that swoons fans of diverse genders.

But after all of the admiration, he is straight. Many fans, especially from the LGBT community, admired his action when he posted a picture to support the massive shooting at a gay club in Orlando which killed 50 people. However, he deleted the initial post and changed it into something that is more in general.


The most religious member of the group was never rumored to be a gay. He has never dated someone before, but there were no significant reasons to speculate if he has strange preferences. TaeYang is very known for his exceptional vocal skills.

Currently, he is the vocalist of the very popular group. Aside from his love with music, he is very religious and would often go to church. He is the kind of person with great devotion and would always listen to people carefully before he speaks anything.


Some may raise eyebrows if Daesung is really straight. There are instances that showed his feminine side but it’s just his way of expressing himself since he is the mood maker in the group. He always got that positive vibes that is very infectious.

For him, he personally do not want to show his sadness, but doesn’t mean it’s his weakness. He may be considered as the member of the group who is not blessed with the looks, his impressive musical skills do the talking though.


With his overflowing confidence and frank personality, he is a straight guy for sure. He was not contemplated as someone who is gay. As the youngest member in the group, he seems to be very confident with his hyungs.

But there are times when he would choose to be shy and keep things from them. He is also a great dancer and often choreographs most of the dance steps for the group. And aside from singing, he wants to compose songs one day because that is one of his dreams in life.

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