Who Had Plastic Surgery in Got7?

There are various kinds of plastic surgery according to the part which needs to be changed.

It can be somewhere on our face, our even our body.

Plastic surgery does not necessarily mean that you do not like how you look like, it may also mean that you want it because you just want to look better.


Im Jae Bum is a South Korean singer and member of GOT7.
He is the leader, lead vocalist and dancer of the group.

Plastic surgery is no big issue in Korea unlike having a tattoo.

So we chose to go through members of GOT7 who have undergone plastic surgery.

We start with the leader Im.
But upon checks on old and new pictures, it can be confirmed that he has got no plastic surgery.

He is still naturally handsome.


Mark also was placed under high powered microscope for signs of plastic surgery.

There were several comparisons been made on new and old pictures, but he was found to be free from plastic surgery.
His current looks are all natural.


The next member to discuss is Jackson.
With the existence of internet it is now easy to have access to picture and other document analysis has become easier.

With checks on his pictures, it was found that Jackson had a big nose which is not different from what he has now.

He has the same nose and eyes.


Jinyoung is also acted in several dramas like Dream High and When a Man Loves.

It also seems that Jinyoung has also not undergone the knife.
Though it is a normal practice in South Korea, the 22 year old singer has chosen to go natural.

He looks outstanding even without any artificial enhancement.


Most claims of such nature normally come from netizens, however, there are no such speculations in their circle.

This means Youngjae is natural and has nothing to do with plastic surgery.


The last but one member to talk of in the plastic surgery issue is BamBam.

So far none of the GOT7 member has undergone the knife and same as BamBam.

He looks very young with an adorable face which easily grabs attention.

He is natural but as its usual with Korean idols let’s see if he would have one in the near future.


Just like the other members, Yugeon who is the youngest member of GOT7 is also free from plastic surgery.

With his age being 19, he has a young natural skin with good looks.

There are currently no notable fault on him to undergo plastic surgery.

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