Who Had Plastic Surgery in WINNER?

In a pro/con list about plastic surgery, there are a lot of pros. However, whenever there is a pro, there is of course a con.

Though it sometimes comes with side effects, some go to the extent of doing a nose job, double eyelid, and jaw surgery among others.

Therefore, who in WINNER had plastic surgery?


Born on January 21, 1994 in Busan, he is also the leader of the group.

Before debuting for Winner, he participated in the Superstar K2 contest and placed fourth.
Apart from singing he is also a songwriter and actor.

He has also done some solo projects in the past. Issues of plastic surgery always crop up when it comes to idols.

They are usually accused of undergoing the knife to please fans.

That notwithstanding, Seungyoon, the leader of Winner has done no plastic surgery.
As it look now, he is presently natural and nice looking.

He has also not be involved in plastic surgery scandals.
Kang Seung Yoon is a South Korean singer and member of the group Winner.


Before joining Winner he was a member of the underground rap group Mino.

He was born on March 30, 1993 in Yongin, South Korea.
Mino is also part of the hip pop duo MOBB.Minho just like other members is also free from plastic surgery.

At age 23, his nice radiant skin does not need any surgery to look perfect.

Though plastic surgery sometimes becomes inevitable for Korean idols, let’s see if he will have any as time goes by.
Song Min-ho is a South Korean rapper and member of Winner.


Lee Seung-hoon is a South Korean singer and rapper and member of the group Winner.

He is a vocalist and rapper of the group which made a debut in 2013.
Seung-hoo was born on January 11, 1992 in Busan.

Before debuting for Winner, he contested in the first season of show Kpop Star and placed fourth.

He also auditioned for Korea’s Got Talent being part of the dance group Honest Boys.

Seunghoon can also be said as natural.

He has good and attractive looks and since membership of the group were not chosen based on physical appearances, he love to maintain how he look.

He is natural with a young beautiful skin.


Taehyun is a South Korean singer and member of the group Winner.

He became a member of the group through the survival show Win: Who is Next.

He also performed as a backup dancer for the YG Family concert in 2013.

After the group went into hiatus for a moment, he took on some acting projects with his first drama being Midnight Girl.

Taehyun is the last but one member of Winner to scrutinize on plastic surgery.

Putting him under the microscope it was found that he has not undergone the knife.

Several picture of his were analyzed but even though there were some changes at times, it was found that it was due to makeup.


He is a vocalist and face of the group.
Jinwoo was born on September 26, 1991.

He is the longest trainee of the group who had 8 years training.Jinwoo at the moment has not undergone the knife.

All his looks are natural and any enhancement seen may be due to heavy makeup he does sometime.

For now he can be said to be naturally handsome.
Kim Jin Woo is a member of the South Korean group, Winner.

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