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Who is Lesbian in Black Pink and Why People Think So?

Being gay in South Korea comes with a big price when being noticed.

Some people are speculated to be men because of the way they talk, walk and interact with the same sex.

Especially in South Korea, there have been countless people, especially music idols that have been bullied and victimized, who have taken their own lives because they were gay.

Let’s take a look at the sexual orientation of the Black Pink group members.


Jennie is the main rapper, lead vocalist, and a dancer in the group Black Pink.

She was the first member of the group to be revealed to the public, and has made an appearance in G Dragon’s song That XX.

Jennie has not had much media focus because the group Black Pink is still a young one. So, there are currently no rumors pertaining to her sexuality and preferences.

It is unknown whether she has a boyfriend.


Lisa is a singer and member of Black Pink.

The Thailand national is the main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, maknae and face of the group.

Lisa does not currently have a boyfriend because she is still very young and focused on career.There are no rumors which seeks to question her sexuality at the moment.


Kim Jisoo known on stage as Jisoo is lead vocalist and visuals of the group Black Pink based in South Korea.

Being a member of a young up and coming group, the media focuses much on her career than other personal issues.

She has never been in any controversy when it comes to relationships.


Park Chaeyoung known as Rosé is a member of the group Black Pink.

The 19 year old singer is a Korean born in Australian.

She was featured in G Dragon’s song After All which is on the One of a Kind mini album.

It is confirmed that she is straight and she has no had any rumors against her that she is bisexual.

Recent News

It is known by now that the group is very close to each other. However, recently there were many comments from fans after Jisoo sent kisses to Lisa on camera. The comments were not about the kisses, but about Jennie’s reaction.

It was during a live stream titled, “블링크 뇽안,” or “Hello Blink,” when Jisoo offered kisses to Lisa, who then returned the favor. However when Jisoo did the same towards Jennie, instead of returning the favor, she received a slight grimace.

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