Who has boyfriend in Red Velvet?

“Red Velvet” is a South Korean girl group. The girls perfomes with addictive songs in K-pop, electropop and R&B genres.

“Red Velvet” was formed by S.M. Entertainment in August 2014. Their first single was “Happiness”.

The group is composed of five beautiful girls: cute Irene, charming Seulgi, joyful Wendy, glamour Joy and merry Yeri.


In April 2016 netizens revealed some rummor about Irene. According to sasaeng, Irene from “Red Velvet” was dating someone.

When that assumption had got to web, all fans were speculating on who might be her lover.
There were many versions.

Some followers supposed that he was one of the EXO members, Sehun or Chen, maybe Xiumin or Suho.

Someone assumed that charming celebrity Irene was dating with Park Bogum. But to the great disappointment that mystery remained not solved and no one still does not know who was that mysterious prince.


Seulgi from “Red Velvet” and Kyuhyun from the boy group Super Junior are always linked on search portals. That fact caused many gossips about their relationship. Seulgi said that she respects Kyuhyun.

And about their relationship, the famous singer said only two words: friend. zone. Kyuhyun, in his turn, said that he does not like famous persons and added he suppose Seulgi is pretty, but he feels really burdened if the lady is really popular and a Big Star.

He wished Seulgi does not become too famous.


There are no information or any evidence about Wendy’s present boyfriend. Girls said that Wendy is the most diligent member in the “Red Velvet”.

Once the singer told a very interesting story about her first love. It was not the “love at first sight”. When she lived in Toronto, she had a childhood friend, they went to school together, he often accompanied her home.

The two did not even notice how a feeling of love gradually had grown up between them. Their relationship did not continue long.

Their relationship finished when her boyfriend had gone to college and begun a new life. The singer was sad not long because she went to South Korea and joined the “Red Velvet”.


In December 2015, a South Korean magazine “Korean Daily” released an article that declared Joy from “Red Velvet” and BTS V are in a relationship.

The article stated that boy band “BTS” and the girl group “Red Velve”t became close when they had run into each other often during their worldwide promotions and award appears.

According to the tale, Baekhyun from “EXO” and “BTS” V are good friends and Baekhyun was the one who introduced Joy and V. Before the information became a commonly known, the “Red Velvet” girl and V had been keeping their relationship going privately chatting each other.


Yeri is the youngest member of the group. She became to “Red Velvet” in March 2015. During the live broadcast through the “V” in 2015, she encountered with sexual and hate comments.

Some netizens left disparaging and also sexual remarks. It was disgusting, the singer was shocked. Yeri is only 17 years old, she is very naive and innocent girl, she did not expect such comments.

Yeri just asked followers that she is not only a celebrity, she is also an ordinary female student of a high school.


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