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Who is Karla Estrada’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Karla Estrada

Who is Karla Estrada’s boyfriend now?

I’ll introduce her lover and her lovelife.


Karla Ford is the born name of Karla Estrada.
Her birthday is November 21, 1976. Currently, she is 40 years old.

Karla Estrada is Filipino actress and singer.
She has been debuted in 1987 and she is still active with her career of entertainment.

Karla Estrada has 4 children, who have different fathers.
Her children are Daniel Padilla, Jose Carlito Padilla, Margaret Ford Planas (Magui) and Carmella Ford (Lelay).

Daniel Padilla, his born name is Daniel John Ford Padilla, and he was born at April 26, 1995.
He was born in Manila, Philippines. He is also Filipino actor and singer.

Daniel Padilla and her mother, Karla Estrada, they are caring and loving each other.
In 2013, there was incident of online bashers who criticized Karla Estrada.

Her son, Daniel Padilla was angry with those online bashers, and he has defended her mother, and he mentioned his message clearly, “Don’t mess with my family or you will regret it!”.

On the other hand, Karla Estrada was not angry and affected by those online bashers.
In fact, Karla Estrada advised her son, Daniel Padilla to stop show his angry publicly, in order to not affect his public image.

Karla Estrada’s Boyfriend

Rumor with Jose Garcia

Recently. there is rumors said that Karla Estrada is dating with a man, Jose Garcia, who is father of actress, Coleen Garcia.

However, there is just rumors because currently Karla Estrada is dating with her boyfriend, Mark Yatco.

Mark Yatco

On October 24, 2014, Karla Estrada had introduced her boyfriend to all through television show, “Kris TV”.

Her current boyfriend is Mark Yatco, who is businessman.
Mark Yatco is running a construction company.

Karla Estrada said that both of them met during a friend’s party, and introduced through their close friend, who is Leandro Munoz.

Before Karla Estrada announced their dating relationship in 2014, actually they had known each other more than 3 years.

So, they have started dating in 2011.

Karla Estrada did say that actually she fell in love with Mark Yatco one week after meeting each other, and Mark Yatco said he was immediately attracted to her.

Karla Estrada said although their relationship is not perfect and they do argue, this has helped them become wiser.
In addition, they like similar things, but not music.


Furthermore, the relationship of Karla Estrada’s children with Mark Yatco is good, especially with her two boys.

Rommel Padilla

Rommel Padilla is the father of Daniel Padilla, the son with Karla Estrada.
His born name is Rommel Cariño Padilla.

He was born at January 4, 1966, and in Manila, Philippines.
He is 50 years old.

Rommel Padilla is a Filipino actor.
He started active in entertainment industry in 1991.

Rommel Padilla did put in jail due to illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Karla Estrada is not the first wife of Rommel Padilla.
Before both of them met each other, Rommel Padilla has married to Anabelle Antonio, and have 3 children.

Rommel Padilla is Muslim, so it is allowed him to marry more than one wife.

In 1990, Rommel Padilla met Karla Estrada during work.
Afterward, they have started relationship.

When Karla Estrada was 19 years old, she gave birth to her first son, Daniel Padilla.
The father of Daniel Padilla is Rommel Padilla.
The father was not present when Karla Estrada was giving birth to Daniel Padilla.

On the other hand, 3 years later, Karla Estrada brought Daniel Padilla for his father who was in prison.

Karla Ford is a strong mother, she raised up her four children independently.

Naldy Padilla

Karla Estrada resumed her entertainment career once she had given birth to her first son, Daniel Padilla.

Afterward, during work, Karla Estrada met her second husband, Naldy Padilla.
Actually, Naldy Padilla is the cousine of Rommel Padilla (the father of Daniel Padilla).
He is the band vocalist of Orient Pearl.

Karla Estrada and Naldy Padilla fell in love to each other, and then they had given born to one child, who is Jose Carlito.

Jose Carlito was born on September 12, 1996.
Jose Carlito is also known as JC Padilla.

Furthermore, Naldy Padilla was also playing role of father for Daniel Padilla.
Daniel Padilla called him as daddy.

Daniel Padilla has a band known as Parking 5.
Daniel Padilla is the guitar player and Jose Carlito is the vocalist.

Mike Planas

The third husband of Karla Estrada was Mike Planas.
Mike Planas is a Quezon City councilor.

They had one daughter, who is Margaret Ford Planas (Magui).
Currently, Magui is 13 years old.
Magui has a group of fans known as Maguinatics.
She like to sing and play volleyball.

Mike Planas who was stepfather of Daniel Padilla, he did protect Daniel Padilla from attack of netizens. Mike Planas did warn those netizens to stop posting articles which attack Daniel Padilla.


For the last daughter of Karla Estrada, who is Carmella Ford (Lelay), her father is a man who is not from entertainment industry as well.

There is not much information about Karla Estrada’s last husband.

Her Ideal Man

Karla Estrada does not share much information about her ideal man.

However, in August 2015, at her twitter account, she did tweet and say that generous man is ideal type.

How She Thinks Marriage

Karla Estrada is hoping for marriage.
In August 2012, she did say that she dreamed about marriage, and it will never too late to enter marriage life.

However, Karla Estrada also said that her four children do not want her to be married again.

Nevertheless, Karla Estrada said that she will not lose her hope for marriage.

Her Ideal Dating Plan

Currently, Karla Estrada does not share much information about her ideal situation of dating.

How Fans Think About Her Lover

The fans of Karla Estrada do not share much about their response to her boyfriend.

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