Who Has a Girlfriend in Seventeen?

Seventeen, also known as a self-producing group, is a South Korean boy group that was established in 2015 by Pledis Entertainment. The group is categorized into three units: ‘vocal unit’, ‘hip-hop unit’, ‘performance unit’.

All the members of this group are highly energetic and enthusiastic in carrying out all the operations of the band themselves.

Kim Mingyu

There are no news regarding his girlfriend. However, he has expressed that his ideal girl should be tall and kind hearted.

Jeon Wonwoo

Wonwoo does not have a girlfriend yet.

When being interviewed for a magazine, he told that he often imagines a girl who is reading sitting beside the window with the sunshine still shining on her.

This is his ideal girl with whom he will fall in love with.

Yoon Jeonghan

Yoon is a talented person; he is known for taking 3rd place in his high school. However, as of now Jeonghan doesn’t have a girlfriend.

But due to his huge fan circle and female teammates, he openly interacts with girls. He said that he is attracted to girls older than him who have long hair.

According to him, there is no harm in having a girlfriend if the relationship of love and respect for each other is maintained.

Lee Jihoon

Lee Jihoon is a shy person who feels more comfortable in the company of boys than girls. Therefore, there is no link of Lee and any potential girlfriends.

Jihoon never had a girlfriend since his childhood. However, he has uttered that his ideal girl should be intelligent and amiable. Most importantly, she should be shorter than him because he is shortest person in the group.

Hoshi (Kwon Soonyoung)

Hoshi does not have any girlfriend at the moment. The group has just started, so probably he wants to focus on his career before having any relationship.

He is also the main choreographer and the leader of the group’s performance unit, so he currently has a lot on his hands and has no time for a significant other.

Vernon (Hansol Vernon Choi)

Vernon is one of the most dashing boys in the group. Despite this, he does not have a girlfriend yet.

However, posts circulated in social media regarding his past girlfriend when a person claimed that his sister dated him. This claim was supported by snapshots of their chat on Facebook.

Joshua (Hong Jisoo)

Known for his calmness, Joshua is from California. He is twenty years old and youthful, which may the reason that he is still single and has no girlfriend.

According to Joshua, his girlfriend should be kind hearted.

DK (Lee Seokmin)

DK, also known as Dokyeom, is an 19 year old member of Seventeen. He is a happy-go-lucky person who wastes no opportunity to crack funny jokes on his fellow members.

He feels proud by helping others and making them feel happy.

Despite having an amiable personality, he hasn’t experienced the feeling of having a girlfriend, as he wants to concentrate on his career. However, he told that his ideal girl should have long dark hairs with slim legs.

Well, this feeling indicates that he will have a girlfriend soon.

S.Coups (Choi Seungchoel)

The 25 years old enthusiast, S.Coups is the leader and rapper in Seventeen. He hardly shares any information regarding his personal life.

Once in a blue moon, the Pledis agency has informed the media that he is in a relationship. However, he himself hasn’t confirmed anything even until now.

His ideal girl is one who can cook great.

Seungkwan (Boo Seungkwan)

Not much information has been revealed about the 18 year old’s relationship status. He must be dedicated to Seventeen, and focused on reaching greater heights.

The8 (Xu Ming Hao)

No official or personal statement about his relationship has been released. Therefore, we believe that he is single.

Jeon Wonwoo

He turned 20 years in the July of this year.
His ideal girl is the one who is fragrant, loving and amiable.
There are no rumors about his girlfriend.

Dino (Lee Chan)

Lee Chan is nicknamed Dino by his fellow members.

In a show, he told that his heart fell on Yang Hyun Suk. Therefore, he approached her and asked for a date. Despite his courageous attempt, the answer was a straight “no”.

After coming to know that the feeling was only one-sided, he felt little depressed.

Jun (Wen Jun Hui)

Like most of his fellow members, Jun is single at the moment. However, he revealed that his ideal girl should be innocent and one who is quite careful about cleanliness.

In addition to this, Jun loves shopping and eating out in restaurants. Thus, his girlfriend would be lucky as she will be having a constant partner for shopping!

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