Who Has a Girlfriend in iKON?

iKON is a South Korean boy band which appeared in the music industry in 2015. The group was launched by YG Entertainment and has seven male members at the moment.

Prior to their debut, a few members participated together in the reality survival program “WIN: Who is Next” in 2013, and also competed in the show “MIX & MATCH” in 2014.

This energy packed band is determined to become an “Icon for Korea” which also resulted in the derivation of the band’s name “iKON,” where C is replaced with letter K.

The group made their debut back on September 2015 by releasing “My Type” from their album “Welcome Back”. It proved to be a super hit as they have sold more than 270,000 albums by March 2016.

Jinhwan (Kim Jin Hwan)

There have been rumors that IKON’s Kim Jin Hwan is dating Jimin- a rapper, vocalist and leader of South Korean girl band AOA. Speculations have gained weight since they have been spotted together twice.

The first time they were seen shopping together at renowned Edit Shop. Soon they came back in the limelight when fans noticed both of them wearing the same sneakers, as some consider as indications of a relationship.

However, few fans are of the view that both of them are just close friends.

Chanwoo (Jung Chan Woo)

Aged only eighteen, Jung Chan Woo is the youngest member of iKON. At the moment, no scandal or rumor has raised regarding his relationship status.

However, he has expressed that his ideal girl should be nice and affectionate. Moreover, he has also hinted that his girlfriend should be the one who is loquacious because he speaks less.

Despite being the youngest, people consider him highly professional during musical performances.

Yunhyeong (Song Yun Hyeong)

The whole band as well as the fans were shocked when an unexpected incident took place out of the blue. While posing for a selfie with Song, a female fan took advantage of the moment and suddenly kissed him on the cheek.

This was a nightmare for Song as he flung back in shock!

However, he managed to handle the situation in a light mood and ended the scene by taking a picture with her. On the other hand, few fans criticized the unplanned the incident, disapproving the girl’s action.

Bobby (Kim Ji Won)

The 20 year old rapper is very cautious about his personal life, especially regarding his relationship status.

In the past, there had been rumors that Bobby is dating Ji Min- a member of AoA band. There has been no public response from either side.

So rumors may only be rumors!

Till now, we haven’t heard of any authentic reports about his possible relationship with anyone or being spotted with someone dating. Even if such tales emerge, he manages a pin-drop silence.

As a result, the rumors die eventually. His theory of not igniting an already split oil is working best!

BI (Kim Han Bin)

BI is a young teenager, aged only 19 years. However, he is fully utilizing his hidden potential and working as a rapper, composer and lyricist for iKON.

Since he is young, he is focused on building up his musical career. This may also be the reason that he is single and haven’t dated any girl till now.

However, he has expressed that his ideal girl should possess the traits of being innocent, sincere, strong and independent.

Junhoe (Koo Jun Hoe)

Koo Jun-Hoe and Clara, a Korean actress, were spotted together at a night club. The event was hosted by Clara. JUnhoe was wearing a white mask and removed them upon reaching the table where Clara was already sitting.

This drew the attention of crowd to him who easily recognized him. The situation worsened when they captured his photos which angered him.

Consequently, his rude behavior pumped the fans to post his clubbing pictures on social media.

Donghyuk (Kim Dong Hyuk)

Donghyuk is the second youngest member of iKON. He takes the audience to a different world through his soft, mesmerizing voice.

There is no word in the town regarding his girlfriend. Being young and focused on his career may be the reason behind this!


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