Who Has A Tattoo in VIXX and Where?

VIXX which stands for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis, is best known for their catchy music, outstanding choreography, and overall stage performances.

The group is composed of crafted members that take active part in the production of their songs.

To make each of their performances perfect to the production team, they tried to sport some fake tattoos.

However, there is a member of the group who has real tattoos.


He is one of the members who has some tattoos all over his body.

As a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer, having a tattoo is an art for him.

Does Ravi has a tattoo?

He has a tattoo on his right arm, right wrist and left chest.
He even believed in sigils and the tattoo on his wrist means “Love attracts love to the wearer”.

At first, fans thought of the tattoos as some birthmarks that needs to be covered up.

However, Ravi has sported real tattoos ever since.


During the 5th single album of VIXX entitled “Zelo”, N was part of the album cover.

He had a fake but attractive tattoo on his hand which captured the eyes of his fans.

Does N has a tattoo?

Some fans even made some DIY version of N’s hand tattoo to show their appreciation.

The tattoo was an inverted triangle with a color green eye inside or simply, the eye of providence tattoo.

However in real life, N doesn’t have any permanent tattoos on his body, but occasionally puts one during the group’s performances.


There are a lot of images online with Ken having some great deal of tattoos.

Does Ken has a tattoo?

He was even pictured with a big tattoo all over his arm and neck which is quite appealing on his skin.

But in reality, he is more of a decent man with no real tattoos even though he loves drawing.

All the tattoos are just for promotional ways, though it really suits him well.

He looks cool with some inks on his body and he could act like a bad-guy with all those tattoos.


Though the group is often pictured sporting fake tattoos to promote their album, Hongbin is a bit of a conservative guy when it comes to permanent body modification like tattoos.

Does Hongbin has a tattoo?

He doesn’t have any tattoos and just follows the group’s production team whenever there is a need to have some temporary tattoos.

Hongbin is far more attractive without a tattoo because his facial features are very charming and unconventional.

Aside from being the sub-vocals and rapper of the group, Hongbin is the visual where he needs to maintain a wholesome image.


Just like his closest co-member, Hongbing, Leo also doesn’t have any real tattoos.

Does Leo has a tattoo?

He just wears one when needed for the group’s performances.
He is considered as the “Poker Face Chic” of the group because of uncaring and cold facial features.

Leo is extremely reserved and is not the outgoing type like the other members.

He does not engage in making bold moves like getting a permanent ink.

Having a tattoo is not his type because he is more into sports like soccer, swimming and boxing.


As the maknae of the group, Hyuk hasn’t sported a real tattoo on his body.

Does Hyuk has a tattoo?

He is still too young to have a permanent ink.

Hyuk is also dubbed as the cutie of the group and having a permanent tattoo may not be suitable for his face.

He might be judged by some people because getting a tattoo is still not widely recognized in Korea.

Along with other members, their tattoos are just temporary to keep up with their shoots and performances.


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