Who Has A Tattoo in T-ara and Where?

Having a tattoo is still an overly sensitive topic in Korea, but in the recent years, it has now become a more common sight especially with actors and singers.

For T-ara members, it is quite normal for them to get tattoos because some of their members are sporting those inks during concerts and commercial shoots.

They are very proud of their tattoos and never hide them in public.


With a tattoo on her wrist, forearm and waist, Hyo Min has become one of the most notable members of T-ara with an indelible mark.

Her tattoos always catch the eyes of her fans because it really suits her fair complexion.

And her love for tattoo was also prevalent in her latest music video, where she was filmed to be in a tattoo parlor.

Then in the video, she showed off her new tattoo which is quite big.

As much as we want it to be real, the tattoo on her latest video is just for props.


Jiyeon is proud of her tattoo and showed it by wearing an off shoulder top.

She even flaunted her tattoo during an interview in the headquarters of Core Contents Media.

Jiyeon admitted that she got the tattoo inspiration from Hyuna and decided to have it inked on her back permanently.

Her love for her parents became her motivation because the tattoo says, “My parents are my heart and soul”.

Fans were shocked when she revealed her tattoo, but they supported her with such bold move.


There were pictures of Qri having a tattoo in her lower back, however this was not confirmed if it was real or fake.

Having a tattoo is extremely a very different feature for Qri, but it does look sexy on her.

Though some fans are not happy with the tattoo on her back, it seemed Qri is happy with her new image, whether it is photoshopped or not.

She is an attractive girl with a great body and the tattoo really suits her well.


As the vocalist and the rapper of the group, Boram doesn’t have any tattoos on her body.

Though she is good at drawing and she’s a great fan of Johnny Depp who has a lot of tattoos, she insisted that having a permanent drawing on her body is not her style.

She keeps a wholesome image of herself and follows the norm in Korea that having a tattoo is a taboo.

But she respects her co-members with tattoos and they are even very close.


This previous trainee of SM entertainment and now a member of T-ara sub-unit T-ara QBS, is not a fan of tattoos.

She may be a hardcore fan of Click- B, which is a hip hop group with some members having tattoos, Soyeon is not reported to have any tattoos on her body.

She keeps her career natural and decent by prioritizing her talent and skills.

Besides she already has an adorable boyfriend and she doesn’t need any tattoos to make her happy.


Aside from Boram, Eunjing is also the vocalist and rapper of T-ara with no tattoos on her body.

She is far more decent than all other members who has tattoos.

And her vocals and rapping skills are just exceptional that she ventured into a solo career with the name “Elsie”.

Further, as an only child, she expressed that her career is her top priority because it has always been her dream to perform and act.

She doesn’t want to do anything that might damage her booming career.


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