Who Had Plastic Surgery in EXO?

Tattoos might be a taboo in Korea, but plastic surgery sure isn’t.
Korea is even known to be the plastic surgery capital of the world.

As it is common for ordinary people to have plastic surgery, it is no surprise that some Korean celebrities will undergo this procedure.

Let’s find out which members of EXO were rumored to have plastic surgery.


D.O. might have gotten a nose job, but it only made the tip smaller, if ever.

These changes could also have been influenced by the angle and make-up.

DO.. has also been rumored to have undergone double eyelid surgery as well, but most netizens comment that D.O. has a natural face.


Kai is rumored to have a double eyelid surgery due to the permanent creases people who undergo the surgery have.

His nose also got smaller compared to his pre-debut days which spread more rumors about a nose job.


Baekhyun’s pre-debut pictures suggest that he has had plastic surgery on his nose. His chin is also more pointed compared to his younger years.

Some fans who deny that he underwent any procedures suggest that the change in his jaw line could have been due to growing up.

However, there was a picture of Baekhyun in a concert where he could be seen half closing his eyes which showed a scar-like line on his eyelid.

Could there be a possibility of a double eyelid surgery as well?


Xiumin obviously did not have any alterations done to his eyes, but some people have speculated that he might have had his nose and jaw done.

However, other people say that the changes to his jaw might be because he lost weight.

As for his nose, the nostrils are slightly pointed which could suggest that he underwent rhinoplasty, but this could also happen naturally at times.


Suho was also rumored to have a nose job and a double eyelid surgery.

In one of the leaked dance practice videos of the group, Suho was seen to be the only member wearing a face mask despite being indoors.

One could naturally assume that he might have undergone surgery.

After that video was released, Suho’s nose noticeably changed.

As for his eyelids, some netizens commented that the creases are too deep and suggest a surgery.


Luhan was suspected of having a nose job due to his pointed nose and also a reshaped jawline.

His double eyelids have already been present since pre-debut, so there is a possibility that he did not have them changed.


Although lacking evidence of quality pictures from his pre-debut, Kris appears to have tweaked his jaw.

Apart from that, his teeth also went a transformation, but this has nothing to do with plastic surgery, however.


Lay appears to have done a slight nose job.

This is because his nose appeared to be narrower compared to his previous pictures.


Chen was among some of the members of EXO rumored to have undergone plastic surgery due to his changed jawline.

His nose also appears to have been slightly tweaked.

Although some fans might attribute his thinner jaw to getting thinner, other people have pointed out that the change has been too drastic to not be a result of plastic surgery.

Fans still love him all the same, however.


Chanyeol’s changes do not seem very obvious, but like most of the other KPOP celebrities, he appears to have done a slight nose job.

He is also suspected to having double eyelids due to deep creases which can be seen during close-up photos.

Like other members, some fans have defended these changes due to the lighting, angles or make-up which could have influenced the changes on his face.