Who Has A Tattoo in iKON and Where?

iKON are the popular group that was brought together through a survival show, and that is currently slaying charts all over Asia.

Not only were the members popular before the group was even started, but a few of them managed to get a good sense of self during the show and ended up also being songwriters, rappers, composers…

They were formed as iKON only recently, but they’re already labeled with a cool, bad boy-ish attitude and style, which makes the tattoos of the two members Bobby and B.I make a lot of sense.

Still, the two of them didn’t do these tattoos for the sake of the image, but they have very personal stories attached to them.

Other members still haven’t decided to get any tattoos.


Bobby is very religious, and much like BIGBANG’s Taeyang, he’s decided to express his religious side by getting a meaningful tattoo.

Bobby’s tattoo is an inscription written on his back, and it says “Fear only God Hate only sin”; it was styled to go in a circle and it’s placed right between his shoulder blades.

Bobby’s tattoo was done in black and it’s very beautifully placed and thought of; this truly reflects his belief in God and his family’s values.

But Bobby isn’t just a believer, he’s also a talented rapper and artist who may choose to get more tattoos in the future.
Still, he needs to catch up to his leader, B.I.


B.I is a true force to be reckoned with, as he is nothing short of a musical genius; he produces, writes, composes and arranges the songs he and his group perform at every concert, and he’s not even 21 years old!

B.I, or Hanbin which is his real name, already has three tattoos on his body.

One is on his right hipbone and it’s a sentence that says: “Like father, like son. Like master, like man. For the Kingdom of Heaven.”

This tattoo wasn’t explained by B.I himself but it’s considered to be a tribute to his family relations.

iKON’s debut was demanded to be postponed because Hanbin’s father is a man who was involved in a serious embezzlement crime, still, Hanbin would always love his father no matter what.

B.I’s 2nd tattoo spans on the left side of his chest, and it says just the word “Nihilism” – in short, nihilism is the belief that moral values are subjective, that the meaning of life is completely up to the person and that enjoying the smaller things makes life rather than larger goals.

It’s unknown whether B.I feels this way, or this word truly reflects some other aspect of his personality; that’s great about tattoos like this one – the interpretation is almost always completely different.

B.I’s third tattoo is a representation of his dreams – it’s a colorful paper plane flown high in the sky by large balloons, and he only said that this represented his dreams and his aspirations.


Jinhwan never thought of getting tattoos and he doesn’t have any real ones on his body either.

He seems to be an open-minded guy overall, so one day he might get a tattoo but for now he doesn’t seem to have a preference for them.

If he were ever asked to comment about his bandmates’ tattoos, he’d be supportive and say that they are quite cool, but his love for tattoos wouldn’t come up or show itself even if they looked good on someone else.

Jinhwan loves his skin the way it is.


Yunhyeong doesn’t have any real tattoos at the moment.
Although he doesn’t seem like the guy who’d be against getting a tattoo, he didn’t find one that would suit him yet.

Yunhyeong likes to keep things straightforward, so he’d probably have a tough time deciding which tattoo he’d want to get.

It’s unknown whether he would ever get a tattoo or if he’s planning to, but he has bandmates who’d be very supportive of such a decision.


Donghyuk doesn’t have any tattoos either.

The only members who’ve so far dared to get real tattoos in iKON are Bobby and B.I, and they have a massive preference for such a look.

But, not everyone does, and iKON is still a very young group of idols and they may be just waiting to establish a more solid name for themselves in order to start getting inked up.

However, considering that Bobby and B.I have already done it so freely, it just may be that the other members are not interested in tattoos as an accessory.


Junhoe probably would get a tattoo one day, since he doesn’t mind them on people at all; he’s probably so laid back, as he seems to be, that he doesn’t notice a person really has tattoos.

Still, Junhoe doesn’t have any real tattoos on his body and remains in the majority of iKON’s members, as well as idols.

Chan Woo

Chan Woo doesn’t have any real tattoos on his body, and hasn’t announced to be planning to get one either.

Still, idols never really announce their tattoos, unless they’re very well-known.

Others are just proud of showing off their body ink and don’t mind ever showing their bodies, but it all has to do with personal preference and confidence levels.