Who Has A Tattoo in Girls’ Generation and Where?

The sweethearts of the whole world, Girls’ Generation, are idols that have established their popularity in a surprisingly short amount of time.

However, these girls worked hard and gave their all to become the world’s number 1, so they deserved to establish their solo careers and style over the course of these few years.

The style of each member is very unique and recognizable, that SNSD can be seen as both a group and a friendship between amazing solo artists.

Some of the members who’ve gone solo lately, such as Taeyeon and Tiffany, do have tattoos; working on solo projects must be equally demanding as working on group projects.

So there must be some sort of gratitude and pleasure coming from the great moments in their lives, and they decided to label those moments with delicate and subtle tattoos.

The example is, of course, Taeyeon’s finger tattoo which says only “I”, which is the name of her latest number 1 hit.


The leader of SNSD has 3 tattoos to show off: one is her zodiacal sign – Pisces, behind her left ear.

Her second tattoo is the word SERENITY above her right elbow, and her third is an “I” on the inside of her right thumb.

Taeyeon’s tattoos are very discreet and subtle, but it’s no secret that she loves ink on her body.

Taeyeon may get a few more super discreet tattoos on her body, but so far, these represent her career and personality really well.


Fany has two very discreet and beautiful tattoos on her body.

The first tattoo she did was the word “Dreamer” on the inside of her right ring finger.

She posted the photo of the tattoo on Instagram, with the caption “note2self – keep dreaming Steph”.

Tiffany’s second tattoo was recently done and it graces her left ribcage, it’s the words “Toujours belle”, which in French means “Always beautiful”.

Not only this, but Tiffany’s Korean name is Mi Young, which also means “Always beautiful”; it’s a tribute to her Korean descent.

TIffany’s great body is a wonderful canvas for tattoos, and it’s no wonder that this K-pop veteran wanted to decorate her body to embody her experiences so far.

She may get some more tattoos in the future, so follow Fany on Instagram because she may reveal some new tattoos one day.


Hyoyeon was voted as the ‘most likely member of SNSD to get a tattoo next’ by SNSD’s fans, however, Hyoyeon still hasn’t gotten any real ink on her body.

Hyoyeon has a very urban and modern look, she dances hip hop very well and keeps her style street-smart and fashion forward at the same time; despite being one of the more rebellious members of SNSD, she still hasn’t gone to full rebel mode.

She does have 14 piercings, so that can count as being pretty badass of our Hyoyeon.


Sunny is the representative of the innocent look in SNSD, next to Seohyun.

She is a cute and adorable member who always laughs and does funny things, and Sunny seems to grab life in that manner, rather than having any tattoos.

Despite how common tattoos have become, they are still rare, and people who don’t feel like expressing themselves through ink on their skin usually tend to have a different outlet that makes them happy and satisfied.

Our Sunny is just a fun-loving, sweet SNSD member who represents the innocent and cute look wherever she goes.

Sunny doesn’t have any tattoos at all.


Yuri doesn’t have any tattoos at all.

Girl groups such as SNSD are idols to many young girls; and despite Taeyeon and Tiffany’s discreet and lovely tattoos, it’s still considered a bit bad to get such a permanent thing on one’s skin.

Idols, being idols in the very sense of the word, are always under the watchful eye of the public and they always try not to do anything that would cause fans to erupt into criticism.


Just like most other members of SNSD, Yoona doesn’t have any tattoos either.

Keeping up with the idol image, Yoona and the rest of the girls don’t feel like expressing themselves through any body ink.

These veterans of K-pop have established their image and looks throughout the years, and lots of fans don’t support tattoos on their favorite idols as much.

However, tattoos are a personal and intimate choice, so fans should be okay whenever their favorite idols decide to express themselves like this.


Sooyoung doesn’t have any real tattoos.

As well as Sunny and Seohyun, she is in charge of the pure image of SNSD, and she may believe that the decision to get a tattoo is too serious and may not make her image innocent anymore.

However, tattoos don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing; it’s all in the eye of the beholder and what that specific tattoo means to them.


Seohyun doesn’t have any real tattoos.

Despite being the innocent image bearing member of SNSD, she did have a few fake tattoos for the sake of concepts of the group’s music videos.

Seohyun is more known as the member who’s actively acting and guest appearing in dramas.

It may be that covering up her tattoos is a hassle while acting, since tattoos shouldn’t be shown in dramas; maybe Seohyun just didn’t find an appropriate tattoo for herself just yet.

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