Who Has A Tattoo in Black Pink and Where?

Black Pink are new YG rookies who have been on fire ever since they debuted in August 2016.

The popularity of Black Pink is still in its skyrocketing phase, but no matter how long they’ve been trainees, their public image needs to be perceived in a certain way.

Tattoos are a bit of a taboo for certain South Korean channels (such as the notoriously famous KBS which bans a lot of things) so it’s best for rookies to have a clean slate while they’re still trying to gain popularity.

That would mean – no tattoos for the rookies.


Jennie Kim of Black Pink has been known to the public for some time.
She sported a lot of fake tattoos during rehearsals, music video recordings, live shows and such, but she never got a real tattoo.

One time, Jennie was photographed with a fake wrist tattoo which said “Stay strong” and Jennie did stay strong after years of being a trainee but never really becoming a part of a group.

This year was her lucky break and whether Jennie’s “Stay strong” tattoo is real or not, it definitely helped her get to where she was meant to be – an idol group.


Rosé doesn’t have any tattoos, and since Black Pink just recently debuted with two music videos, she hasn’t worn any fake tattoos for them either.

When the career of the popular rookies rises a bit more and gives them a better status, then the girls can wear both fake and real tattoos.

The ink itself is not very taboo in South Korea anymore, but it still is considered inappropriate to air on certain channels.

Some channels have their own censorship standards, and for rookies, it’s necessary that they get aired more and more so that their career can rise slowly.

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The Thai member Lisa doesn’t have any tattoos either.

No member of Black Pink has any real tattoos, and although Lisa has a badass style in Black Pink’s videos, she surprisingly doesn’t have any tattoos.

Maybe in the future Lisa can really complete her look with a small but beautiful tattoo.

Ji Soo

Ji Soo has the most innocent look out of all the members of Black Pink, and she is the least likely to be presented as the member with some ink on her body.

Her gentle vocal also gives Black Pink’s songs some gentle edge, since the group’s image and genre are predominantly hip hop.

The pretty Ji Soo may surprise everyone and get a tattoo one day, as it’s something we can never know; the members are usually too young to get tattoos and that’s why they avoid such responsibilities.

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