Who Has A Tattoo in BIGBANG and Where?

BIGBANG are most certainly veterans of K-pop and as such, all of the members have a tough time staying together in one place for long.

Not only are they veterans of K-pop, but they each have an individual career set for them; that is why they have had the liberty to establish their own images and looks that they prefer to show.

When it comes to tattoos, the most surprising K-pop idol is BIGBANG’s leader, G-Dragon; he has 20 tattoos all over his body and they’re all very subtle, but still cause a stir whenever seen.

Some of them are not so subtle but still, they fit in really well with GD’s overall image; he is very shy off camera, but on camera, GD is the badass we’ve all met and fell in love with.

Taeyang follows GD with two large tattoos that show off his faith and religious beliefs; Taeyang is very devoted to his religion and isn’t afraid to show what he believes in.

Other members have a bit of a different image – T.O.P is the art obsessed actor who should always look good, Daesung is the witty jokester that has a pretty innocent look, and Seungri is the businessman and the actor at the same time.


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GD really loves to ink his body.

So far, it’s known that GD has 20 tattoos on his body, and it all started with the two he did in 2007 on both lower arms – the words “Vita Dolce” and “Moderato”.

These tattoos mean “living a sweet life moderately”, as vita dolce in Italian means ‘the sweet life’ and moderato is also Italian for ‘moderation’.

His next tattoo was a quote from the movie “Syd and Nancy” – “Too fast to live, too young to die” and it’s located on his right backside; he said a few times that this was his motto.

In 2011, GD got his fourth tattoo, and it was a running heart in a square, which is a design by the famous American artist Keith Haring; the heart symbolizes support for social activism and opposition to homophobia, nuclear warfare and racism.

That same year, GD tattooed a Dragon Ball on his left shoulder, but instead of seven stars inside it, he tattooed it with eight, as the number represents the year, day and month when he was born.

In 2012, GD got three more tattoos on both sides of his ribcage – along his right ribcage, he tattooed the words “Forever young”, which was a paired tattoo with Taeyang’s cross in the same spot; “Forever young” is pretty self-explanatory.

On his left ribcage, GD has the words “Mind Control” in a Rocky Horror Picture Show font; GD never explained the meaning of this tattoo.

Above his navel, GD has two Xs, and the speculation is that it’s a reference to his song “That XX”.

In 2013, GD got three small tattoos on his fingers – the symbols of heart, $ and the letter F; it means “love, money and fame”.

He got another below the word ‘moderato’ on his left forearm, and it’s a crown which looks a lot like art by the painter Jean Michel Basquiat; the crown is referred to in the song ‘Niliria’ – “one king, one crown, a tattoo on my left arm”.

This same year, GD got his birthday written out in Roman numerals (88.08.18) descending from his neck onto his left shoulder; he also got a smiley face on his left palm, close to his thumb.

In 2014, GD tattooed a cross on his left calf, on his leg, and this is the first religious looking tattoo for GD.

2014 was also a year when GD got a three-part tattoo written all over his backside, as the words “TO_HER” are written on his triceps’ and the word between them is “GET” and it’s written out on his lower back, in the same line; the three words spell out “TOGETHER”.

This year, GD got two tattoos on his thighs, the words “INHALE EXHALE”.

In 2015, GD revealed a gun with Jesus on the handle, an hommage to Tibault from the movie “Romeo + Juliet” from 1996; in 2015, a tattoo appeared on GD’s neck, too, and it’s an angel spreading its wings.

This tattoo represents Archangel Michael, and it is a bit more famous because it was done by the tattoo artist Anil Gupta.


Taeyang is the 2nd member of BIGBANG who proudly sports real tattoos.
However, compared to GD, he’s almost not tattooed at all, as he has two known real tattoos so far.

Taeyang’s tattoos are really big and flamboyant, while GD’s are mostly small and carry details, so it’s all about the size and placement when it comes to having a great inked body.

Taeyang is known as a true Christian, and very religious.

In accordance to his faith, in 2012 Taeyang had a large cross tattooed on his side, at the same time when GD got his “Forever young” tattoo on the same spot.

They call these two tattoos ‘couple tattoos’ jokingly, because they had them done at the same time.

The 2nd tattoo that Taeyand proudly wears is the Jesus and cross depiction on the back of his neck, marvelously done by Anil Gupta; this tattoo was Taeyang’s 2nd couple tattoo with GD, as Anil Gupta tattooed both of them day after day.

Taeyang’s tattoos are a depiction of his faith and he’s very careful about the images spread across his body; the messages here are that he is devoted to faith and has the strongest belief.


It is well known that T.O.P doesn’t have any tattoos on his body.

Despite taking a lot of photographs and posing for photo sessions where he was falsely inked, T.O.P never made the decision of getting any real tattoos on his body.

He is very artistic and creative, and the art he loves is mostly sculptures and design; unless he decides to get a tattoo of a famously designed chair, we will never see any art on T.O.P’s body, only outside of it.

He curated his own show recently, so the art that inspires him lies in museums instead.


Seungri’s skin is clean as a whistle, and he doesn’t have any tattoos on his body either.

Seungri acts in three languages – Japanese, Korean and Chinese, and all of these countries still hold certain taboos when it comes to tattooing.

Not that tattoos can’t be covered nowadays with the power of make up, but it’s much easier to just not get tattooed and get hired to act.

Seungri is a real life entrepreneur and businessman, and he probably doesn’t even have time to rest, let alone think about ink on his body.

He looks great just the way he is right now!


People who like tattoos would think that Daesung’s perfect body could easily be inked here and there, but Daesung is tattoo-free.

He never even talked about it in talk shows, never mentioned thinking about getting any, he just is the way he is all this time.

Daesung works out a lot and keeps his body in great shape, but to be charming and win over women, he doesn’t need to express himself through tattoos; he’s funny enough to do it with his wit and charm.

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