Who is Arci Muñoz’ boyfriend? Lovelife about Arci Muñoz

Who is Arci Muñoz‘s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Ramona Cecilia Datuin Muñoz also known as Arci Muñoz in the movie industry was born on January 12, 1989.

She is a Filipina actress and singer.

She is known as the vocalist of the band Filipino rock band Philia.

In 2005, Arci joined the rooster of new artists by joining the third season of StarStruck.

After StarStruck Arci was noticed by the managers of TV5 and GMA network where she had some T.V. appearances.

Arci also joined the Annual Asia Supermodel Competition in 2008 representing the Philippines.

At present, Arci is working under ABS -CBN network and she is one of the star casts in the latest movie Camp Sawi.

She was also one of the female lead role in the hit T.V. series in the Philippines Pasion de amor.

Arci seems to be attracted with men who has the love for a band.

All of the man who was involved with her are vocalists of a rock band.


Badi Del Rosario

At present Arci is in relationship with Badi Del Rosario who is also the son of Brunei’s prince Jefri Bolkiah.

Badi is the front man of the rock band Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus.

They have been in relationship for three years now and counting.

Last february 2016 They celebrated their third year as lovers.

She said she is happy with badi and they are already considering to get married.

She told the press that her boyfriend is very supportive about her thriving career at present.

She also added that she already met the parents of Badi and they are so nice she said.

Ex Boyfriend

Kelvin Yu

Kelvin Yu was Arci’s boyfriend in 2010

Kelvin yu is the lead guitar of the local band in the Philippines named Itchyworms.

The band was known for the song Akin Ka na lang, and Beer which became a famous song in the Philippines.

Arci fell in love with Kelvin because of his charisma as a rock band member.

Their relationship lasted for half a decade long enough to assume that they had a serious romantic feeling with each other until they separated for some reason that both of them didn’t share to public.

Kean Cipriano

The first known relationship of Arci in the showbiz industry was with Kean Cipriano.

Kian Cipriano is a Musician.

He is the rock band leader of Callalily.

He also became an actor and still thriving at present ith his acting career.

Arci and Kian became together in 2009.

Arci said in an interview by Vice Ganda that Kian was her first boyfriend.

Arci shared to press that she very hurt about her break up with kian.

She told that Kian sudddnly left her that is why it was very painful to her.

Arci at present has a film entitled Camp Sawi, it is a movie portraying a group of women frustrated about their lovelives.

In this movie, Arci draws inspiration from his failed realtionship with kian.

Ideal Type of Man

Arci Muñoz likes men who are in the rock band, obviously all of Arci’s lovers both the present and the past, namely: Kian Cipriano, Kelvin Yu, and now Badi who is also a lead vocalist of a rock band.

Arci also likes men who are a gentleman.

In an interview of her by PEP reporters, he says Gerald Anderson is a gentleman, so she is not wondering why many girls are falling for him.

This statement proves that Arci likes s gntleman guy.

Views On Marriage

Arci at present has an eye for marriage.

In fact she describe his current relationship with his boyfriend as serious relationship.

She said she is not going to step in to a relationship if she doesn’t have in mind the idea of marrying the man.

She also added that her boyfriend Badi is some you can’t let go because he is a husband material.

She said they are already discussing their future plans which includes their marriage.

But as of now they are taking time because arci has just a blossoming career.

Both of them are just enjoying their relationship at present.

Ideal Dating Situation

Arci likes to date in group. Since she is a rock band vocalist she likes places where there are beers and wine.

She likes to date someone whom he has common denominator like passion for rock that is why she is really into men who are in the band, she seems to relate with their personality.

But despite her reputation as lady rockstar she likes a man to be gentleman, but the man must have a strong personality and preferably has a good singing voice.

Fan’s Opinion

The fans are saying that Arci is very lucky to have Badi as her boyfriend. Badi is the son of the prince of brunei, so it means Badi is a very rich bachelor.

If ever the will get married Arci will surely get a fair share of Badi’s wealth which he will get from his father prince jefri.

Some also says that Badi is also lucky to have Arci because at present Arci is considered as the new sexy goddess in the Philippines.

One of the fans commented about the tatoo of badi at the back of his palm saying that Badi must be a member of Illuminati.


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