Who is Edu Manzano’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Edu Manzano

Who is Edu Manzano‘s boyfriend?

I’ll introduce her lover and lovelife.


Edu Manzano is a veteran Filipino actor who was born in San Francisco, California, United States of America on September 14, 1955.

He is a citizen of both Philippines and United States due to his circumstances of having Filipino parents(Jus Sanguinis) and being born in the United States( Jus soli)

His Complete name is Eduardo “Edu” Barrios Manzano.

Aside from being an actor, Edu is also a politician, Host and Comedian. He was also a veteran of United States Air Force.

He is known as a witty host and actor.

He hosted some of the famous game shows in the Philippines such as Pilipinas Game KNB?, The Weakest Link, Asar Talo, Lahat Panalo, and 1vs. 100.

In the 2016 elections Edu ran for senate election under Partido Galing at Puso but he lost the race and ended as number 21 in the senatorial election final result.

Edu manzano’s lovelife is colorful. There were rumors that aside from women in showbusiness whom she was linked, there were also non-showbiz women whom Edu had an affair.

Even at his late 50’s Edu is still linked with some women.

Ex Girlfriend

Pinky Webb

Edu Manzano’s last known girlfriend was Pinky Webb.

Pinky webb is a news anchor in the Philippines.

She hails from a prominent family being a daughter of the former senator Freddie Webb.

Edu’s relationship with pinky lasted for half decade.

Five years is a long relationship for a celebrity to last, that is why most of Edu’s friends thought that his relationship with Pia will lead to their marriage.

Their relationship ended when edu entered politics in 2010.

In a rare interview of pinky by Ted failon, she was asked by Ted if she was still open for a second chance relationship with Edu.

Pinky answered “Who knows what will happen in the future.”

Both of them are silent regarding the reason of their split-up, but Edu said that among the reasons was when he didn’t tell pia about his intention to run for a political position in in 2010.

Anjanette Abayari

Anjanette Abayari was Edu Manzano’s girlfriend before Pia.

Anjanette is a beauty queen and an actress in the Philippines.

She became known for her role as Narda in the film Darna: Ang Pagbabalik in 1994.

Edu and Anjanette made a movie together in the 1995 film Tubusin mo ng Bala Ang Puso Ko.

Anjanette posted on her Twitter account that this film is one of her favorite movies with Edu Manzano.

Rina Samson

Rina Samson is one of the two women whom Edu Manzano had a child.

They were not married but Edu has a Child with her namely: Amanda Danielle Manzano and Lorenzo Eduardo Manzano

Edu has three children the most prominent is Lucky Manzano who is an actor today and resembles his personality as witty and funny, then his two children with Rina.

In one episode of Minute To Win It which is hosted by lucky Manzano, Lucky was surprised by the guesting of his two siblings in the show as the celebrity player that day.

Lucky Manzano was celebrating his birthday on that episode

Edu was very happy by the way Rina raised his children and in one his interviewhe told the press that he is thanking Rina for raising his children.

Ex Wife

Maricel Soriano

The second woman whom Edu was married is Maricel Soriano.

they got married in 1989 in a very private ceremonial wedding.

Maricel is a very prominent actress in her time that is why she is called as The Diamond Star in the Philippines.

She was known as comedienne and singer.

In fact in 1987, Maricel had a successful concert in araneta coliseum.

Unfortunately inspite of their marriage Edu and Maricel was not blessed to have a child until they decided to separate.

Maricel considers his relationship with Edu as “Tumultuous”

One reason of their break up was their situation of not having a child which Maricel told that she badly wanted that time.

Vilma Santos

Edu Manzano’s first wife was Vilma Santos.

They have a son named Luis Manzano, who is now in his prime as an actor and host..

Vilma Santos is an actressand also a politician.

She is also the Mother of Luis Manzano.

Edu was married to vilma santos in 1980.

But their relationship was not strong enough to last.

They Marriage were divorced in 1985

On the issue about their break up Edu said “We really didn’t know why and how we parted ways. We could not pinpoint the problem.

It just happened. We gradually drifted apart and before we knew it, we were so far away from each other that any holding on proved to be futile.”

The speculation was strong that what triggered their break up was the rumor about edu having an affair that time.

Nevertheless the two became close friends despite of their failed marriage.

Ideal Type of Woman

Edu said that for him to take the woman as his girlfriend, she must be someone who has an acceptable character.

She must be also someone who will be comfortable with his children and also should be liked by his children.

He also prefers that a woman should have a good sense of humor since he himself is a funny person.

Edu told on his interview by Metro cebu Magazine, he said he likes someone who is smelling good, especially the breath.

He also likes a woman who has a clear, and clean skin.

He also added that he prefers some who can take a good conversation and can relate to any subject under the sun with right language.

He is also particular about how the woman dresses. He wants some one who is dressing properly.

He also likes a woman who has good mannes but maintains authoritative charisma.

Views On Marriage

Edu Manzano is not anymore interested in marrying.

But he admitted that he has a relationship at present who is taking care of him, and his children are close to this woman.

The interviewer asked why is he not referring to her woman as his future wife.

He said the term “future wife” is speculative,

He said he just want to enjoy what is left of him together with his unnamed woman at the present.

In 2014, the press asked Edu if there’s a truth to the gossip that he gave a promise ring to his rumored girlfriend.

Edu Manzano laughed the gossip, he said he’s nearing sixty so, how can he get engaged?

Fan’s Opinion

The fans of Edu don’t know who is his current girlfriend but they are wishing him the best for his lovelife since he is already old and at his declining age.

They said he should be with someone who will take care of him at the end.

Some fans are hoping that he’ll pursue Pia Cayetano back but it seems he is already contented with his non showbiz girlfriend at present.


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