Who is Taeyong’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Taeyong from NCT

Who is Taeyong’s girlfriend? I’ll introduce his lover and lovelife.


Taeyong is a Korean singer, rapper, and dancer born on July 1, 1995 in Seoul, South Korea.

Before debuting in 2016, he was part of the popular trainee group S.M. Rookies where he gained a following. Now, he is a member and lead rapper of k-pop group NCT and two of its sub units NCT U and NCT 127.


Taeyong’s current relationship status is single.

He has trained for years before finally debuting, proving his dedication to his career. He wouldn’t want to risk it just because of a relationship scandal, which is treated seriously in show business.

Thus, he would rather be dedicated to his career rather than a relationship for the time being. He might have a girlfriend in the future, but maybe when his activities aren’t so demanding anymore.

Ex Girlfriend

Rumors say Taeyong had a sweetheart before joining S.M. Rookies. But the suspicions were suppressed when they began. For one, they were spread around by an “S.M. Entertainment staff”, but they can never confirm a relationship unless they’re an important figure of the company.

These bits of gossip were spread around by senseless fans, so don’t stress. S.M. Entertainment watches out for their artists, despite the fact that the entire
disaster with Taeyong’s past in some way or another avoided their reviewing procedure.

Be that as it may, that’s in the past, and SM Entertainment has been additionally cautious with Taeyong since, particularly now that the media is keeping him under a magnifying lens, trusting he accomplishes something that they can promote fuel their viewership with.

With or without that, fans celebrate that Taeyong is single and potentially not going to have a girlfriend for a while.

Ideal Type of Woman

Taeyong revealed that he wants his ideal woman to have common traits and interests as him, but still has other passions. He would accept them, and expects her to do the same.

He also likes taking pictures, so he would prefer someone who is not camera shy, and can pose for him.

Lastly, he wishes she has a good sense of humor.

Views On Marriage

According to Taeyong, “a decent marriage is a close and adoring relationship which gives both accomplices security, fellowship, fraternity, bolster, solace, and profound affection that enters each part of life.

None of this can be accomplished without work and yield. For a marriage to succeed, both sides must be focused on its prosperity. They should fabricate a persevering adoration relationship that is focused in the heart of their awareness. Their relationship must be supported with the water of dedication and affection.”

Ideal Dating Situation

Amid a SMTOWN show, one of Taeyong’s seniors made an exceptionally cumbersome inquiry, placing him in an extremely uncomfortable position.

They inquired as to whether he had ever dated before or ever had a sweetheart, in which he anxiously answered, “I don’t know what dating is…”

Fan’s Opinion

Taeyon’s fans like his work a a lot and enjoy his songs. They also think that he is too young and shouldn’t get involved in a relationship yet. For the time being, they want him to focus on his work.



-“The 7th Sense” (NCT U, 2016)


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-“Be Natural Ft.Taeyong” (Red Velvet, 2014)


Variety Shows

-“Exo 90:2014” (2014)
-“NCT On Air” (2016)
-“NCT Life” (2016)

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