Xian Lim and Kim Ciu: They have a kind of “Special Relationship”!

The life of artists in the entertainment industry is indeed full of good looking fella’s and we all know that some of them may find a partner right in the showbiz if they’d choose to.

The relationship of Xian Lim and Kim Chiu is definitely not new to us. It is widely known that the two of them have started their relationship a few years ago and it is very well acknowledged by many Filipinos in the country.

started dating in September 2011

It is a fact that the two started dating in September 2011. It was revealed by a news website source PepPh. Since then, both are able to grow and strengthen their relationship up until the present.

On July 30, 2013, Xian Lim and Kim Chiu have finally admitted on the morning reality TV show Kris TV that they are seeing each other exclusively. Kris Aquino the host of the show asked them their current relationship. Although, thinking twice before answering because according to him he doesn’t want to put label on their current relationship, he finally admitted it.

These are his exact words during the show: “I always say it’s unfair to put a label on it. It’s more of nandito kami para sa isa’t isa (It’s more of we’re here for each other),” he said.

Kim’s interview

Contrary to what Xian felt due to the query of the host, Kim seemed to enjoy it and answered it generously. “Yeah masaya naman kami. Walang pressure na nagaganap at walang obligation. Ako kasi ngayon, ini-enjoy ko muna. Kung siya talaga, gusto ko makilala niya muna ang family ko.”

(Yes we’re happy. There’s no pressure and then there are no obligation. Right now, I’m just enjoying it. If he’s really the one, I want him to meet my family first. Since, he doesn’t have friends, my siblings can be his friends).

When asked about what he feels for Kim Chiu, he stated, “Sinasabo ko sa kanya, maraming nagmamahal sa kanya, including na rin ako.” (I always tell her that many people love her, myself included.” “People are willing to protect her. Kung malungkot siya (If she’s sad), people are going to want to bring her up. People are going to be by her side, he also added.

Xian had posted an open letter for Kim

Xian Limさん(@xianlimm)がシェアした投稿

On April 20, 2015, PinoyShowbiz reported that Xian had posted an open letter for Kim who celebrated her 25th birthday on ASAP. The letter expressed Xian’s thanks to Kim for being with him when they were just starting until they reached their success together as the years pass by.

the exact words from the letter

Here is the exact words from the letter:
Dearest Kim, From our first time on screen together, and our first pic outside of work…So much has changed. From being a stranger from all the way across the world, you became someone I can trust, someone who will be there by my side, fighting and conquering battles of everyday life. From a small scene, to a song, then became a movie. From a page, we became a chapter then a book. From 3 people holding a banner sa mga mall shows natin to supporters sa ibat ibang sulok ng mundo.

From strangers, we became family. Sa mga nagbabasa nito and you don’t get what I’m trying to say, kindly leave my page. There is no room for negativity or any made up accounts taking up space in this post. What we have is special. YOU are very special. HAPPY BIRTHDAY@chinitaprincess Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu. Always remember that if you need a shoulder to cry on, an open ear and a lending hand…I gotchiu

at award show

On June 21, 2015, Kim Chiu happily answered some questions during the interview at the PEP List Year 2 award show. One of which is the question regarding the rumor about her entertaining a non-showbiz foreigner guy that’s completely not true according to her and even joked that she could have been in the hospital and wasn’t able to attend the awards show because of her bleeding nose.

Kim and Xian were awarded the FAB stars of the Year and Celebrity Pair of the Year at the List Year 2 Awards. The winners were chosen through online and text votings. In the same interview, Kim also thanked their fans who were always there and were supportive of the loveteam.

keeping the “special relationship”

On August 12,2015, PepPa reported that Kris spilled some truths about the relationship of the two. She said that the reason why she admired Kim was because she was nice to work with and that was due to her healthy relationship with Xian. Kris also said that she was grateful to Xian for making Kim happy.

In the present, both have been keeping the real status of their relationship. They only said that they have this so called “special friendship” between them that makes them both happy in life. They have never admitted to the public that they are a couple. Nevertheless, the loveteam is still going strong for almost 5 years and their fans are loyal as ever to them.